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16 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

NEW HORIZONS -- The iPad for Photographers. The Photopreneuner:
“With photography’s move from film to digital, photographers have become used to working with all sorts of new equipment. A laptop is now as essential as a bag full of lenses, and Photoshop skills are as much a part of a photographer’s training as darkroom knowledge used to be. But could that be about to change? If Apple’s Steve Jobs is right, and we are entering a “post-PC age,” should photographers be thinking about trading in their Macbooks and picking up an iPad? SOURCE: Dean Shanson
TAKEAWAY: The picture that comes to mind of the photographer of the future is the one-man-band fellow, arms and legs flailing who is simultaneously playing and blowing every possible musical instrument, including a bass drum with his foot. IPads are heading that way, and as the author rightly points out, our next investment should be in one.