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27 Apr, 2011 | Posted by: st

THE GOOD Olí DAYS -- Making A Living with Nature Photography - ĖďCan You Really Quit Your Day Job?Ē George Lepp: "Many photographers dream of making a good living doing what they love most: photographing in the great outdoors. Imagine spending every day, from brilliant sunrise to glorious sunset, pursuing works of art that will have magazine editors, collectors, and galleries clamoring (and ready to pay top dollar) for your highly composed, brightly colored and distinctive imagery. Iím not saying it canít happen, but practically speaking, you might be better off to keep the day job youíve got. Read on for a dose of reality."
PHOTO: George Lepp

20 Apr, 2011 | Posted by: st

THE FORK(S) IN THE ROAD -- Itís Not All Doom and Gloom for Photojournalism Students Ė Tom Grier: Photojournalism students are worried there wonít be jobs for them when they graduate. I donít think the picture is all doom and gloom, though. In fact, I think many mass communication programs are preparing students well for the future ahead.
TAKEAWAY: A one-man band is usually reserved for humor or light-hearted mockery. The musician who is clever at playing all instruments, but none very well, isnít going to provide for his family. Nor is the attorney who handles any and all cases. Nor the physician who treats all illness. Nor is the photojournalist who attempts all varieties of present-day photojournalism and those that are sure to come. Choose one and get known for your expertise. -RE

BEAN COUNTING -- How To Use LookStat Collections to Analyze the Impact of Ethnicity by Theme - The Hispanic and Asian population in the USA grew over 43% from 2000-2010. You can use LookStat collections to explore the impact of this growth on your microstock sales. For example, if you wanted to analyze Hispanic vs. Asian models in business and lifestyle shoots, try this:

13 Apr, 2011 | Posted by: st

PHOTO WALL: Getting Mod(ular) with your Photography Website Ė Michelle Seekamp: ďDisplay options can reasonably be broken down into three over-arching categories: slideshow, static image, and multiple image display (what we fondly call the Photo Wall). We recently asked our Facebook community to chime in and let us know which of these three they were currently using on their homepage. Here's what they told us in this informal poll. SOURCE: Michelle Seekamp |: