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BEST LEFT TO THE PROFESSIONALS? -- Valerie Hudson:”Nowadays, with sites like Instagram on the rise, just about everyone has dubbed his- or herself a “photographer.” Yet there are still individuals making careers out of photography. What qualifies someone as a photographer? And if one is not a photographer, when should he or she hire someone else to take photos? So what distinguishes a professional photographer from the average Joe with a cell phone camera in their hand?

JOURNALISM GROUPS URGE OBAMA: Stop Excessive Controls On Public Information - NPPA: “Thirty-eight journalism and open government groups (including the National Press Photographers Association) called on President Barack Obama to stop practices in federal agencies that prevent important information from getting to the public. The national organizations sent a letter to Obama today urging changes to policies that constrict information flow to the public, including prohibiting journalists from communicating with staff without going through public information offices, requiring government public information officers to vet interview questions and monitoring interviews between journalists and sources. https://nppa.org/news/journalism-groups-urge-obama-stop-excessive-controls-public-information

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HARD DRIVE FAILURE -- Fool Proof Tips to Secure & Store your Images. A Webinar with Peter Krogh - Sarah Jacobs: “ Been meaning to get your photos organized for months? Worried about losing your images or experienced the complete failure of a hard drive. Lightroom master and author of Organizing Your Photos with Lightroom 5, Peter Krogh, will join us Wednesday, June 25th at 4pm ET to dive into all the in’s and out’s of Lightroom Storage Techniques. http://blog.photoshelter.com/2014/06/new-webinar-lightroom-storage-techniques-qa-peter-krogh/

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Most Moving Wedding Photos

-- Dan Good: “Michael Wolber and April Hartley were all ready for their wedding. The ceremony was scheduled for Saturday in Bend, Oregon – but before they could walk down the aisle, brush fires about six miles away churned into a giant wildfire. Firefighters told the crowd to evacuate – so following the ceremony, the reception was moved to a park out of harm’s way. While the guests, caterers and DJ moved to the new location, the couple snuck away with photographer Josh Newton to take some wedding photos with the wildfire as a backdrop.
PHOTO: Josh Newton

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ARE YOU UPSET -- Over Amazon's White-Background Patent? Samantha Murphy Kelly: “Amazon recently won a patent for perhaps the most commonly used photography technique around: snapping a picture of an object against a white background. But according to experts, the patent isn't exactly what it seems and shouldn't have as much of a profound impact on photographers as they think. Not surprisingly, photographers are not happy. In fact, there's already a petition circulating with nearly 45,000 signatures asking the US Patent and Trademark Office to appeal the parent. SOURCE: http://mashable.com/2014/06/07/photographers-shouldnt-be-too-upset-over-amazons-white-background-patent/?utm_content=feature_title&utm_cid=mash-prod-email-topstories&utm_emailalert=daily&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily

NEW KICKSTARTER CATEGORY FOR JOURNALISM - Kristen Hare: “The company recently gave the profession its own category. In May 2013, Laura Shin wrote a story for Poynter on “13 ways to get your journalism project crowdfunded.” Shin wrote then that “Since Kickstarter’s launch in April 2009, 816 journalism projects have sought funding on the site, with 36 percent of them succeeding.” SOURCE:

STOP SHARING This Photo of Antisocial Newspaper Readers - Kevin Hoffman: “It doesn’t make the ironic point you think it does.“ SOURCE: https://medium.com/alt-ledes/stop-sharing-this-photo-of-antisocial-newspaper-readers-533200ffb40f

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One year after. 28 Sun-Times photojournalists were laid Here’s a rough breakdown of where they ended up:
Via Frank Nowikowski

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YOU: A PHOTOGRAPHY PRO -- Instagram’s New Features Will Turn You Into A Photography Pro - Laura Stampler: “The app added 10 features that will give smartphone photographs a more professional look Instagram added a slew of new editing features Tuesday that go beyond the scope of an ordinary filter, giving photos taken on your humble smartphone a professional veneer. With a new update, phone photographers will be able to edit their photos to incrementally alter brightness, saturation, contrast, warmth, shadows, sharpness, filter strength, and more.” SOURCE:

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10 BEST CITIES -- For Working Photographers in the US - Christian Neeser: You carry a camera everywhere because you just never know when something or someone worthy of having its picture taken will appear. You may be a photo journalist for a newspaper, or. you also work plenty of weddings and events But what makes a city good for a working photographer? While it’s important that there are plenty things to photograph, these statistics are equally relevant as well. SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/05/28/10-best-cities-working-photographers/
PHOTO: joeyblsphotography.com

PHOTOGRAPHING BABIES -- Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Photographing Them - - Gary Martin: “Newborn photography is one of the hottest genres of photography today. And with more and more babies being born everyday, the demand for talented newborn shooters has never been higher. Here are ten reasons from Stephanie Cotta on why you should be photographing newborns. SOURCE: http://fstoppers.com/top-10-reasons-you-should-be-photographing-babies
PHOTO: Stephanie Cotta

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INSURANCE -- New Guide: What Photographers Should Know About Insurance - Deborah Block: “Knowing how to cover your equipment and your business can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. But no fear! Our latest guide, Protect Yourself: What Photographers Should Know About Insurance, is here to help SOURCE: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2014/05/new-guide-photographers-know-insurance/

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SMALL SCREENS -- Sam Kirkland: “I started reading a story from The New York Times on my phone. I enjoyed Freda Moon’s account of a journey from Chicago to New Orleans aboard a vintage Pullman sleeper car. But halfway through the story, I realized I had scrolled past thumbnail images without giving them any thought. SOURCE:

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PRICING GUIDE -- Helps Budding Photogs Navigate the Business Side/ - DL Cade: “One of the challenges if you’re just now carving out your niche in this crazy world of professional photography is figuring out how to price your work. How exactly do you determine how much your photos are worth, what expenses can you expect to run into, what contracts are you likely to run into and what exactly do they mean?” SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/03/30/photoshelter-pricing-guides-help-budding-photographers-navigate-business-side/

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YOUR PORTFOLIO: Prints, Web, iPad…Or All Of The Above? - Maria Piscopo: “What type of portfolio photographers have found work best and, from the buyer’s perspective, what type or types they prefer? SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/mxs4nql

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-- Orlando Sentinel Tells Photographers. Will Need to Reapply for New ‘Videocentric’ Positions - DL Cade: “Earlier this week, the photography staff of the Orlando Sentinel in Florida was pulled into a meeting in which they were told that their current jobs are disappearing, and they will need to apply to new more ‘videocentric’ positions. SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/02/27/orlando-sentinel-tells-photographers-jobs-gone-reapply-tomorrow/

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LAUNCHING -- A Nature Photography Business – Charlie Borland: “Every once in a while I get an email from a reader or a student about how to take their
photography passion and turn it into a business. I have carefully answered those who have inquired with information I feel is relevant to the times and while some things have changed, much remains the same. I have compiled these ideas into the 10 most important steps I believe are crucial to finding success in today’s market: http://www.pronaturephotographer.com/2012/03/10-crucial-steps-to-launching-your-nature-photography-businsss/

DAVID BURNETT: Stories from a Seasoned Photojournalism Legend –David is a traditional photojournalist whose style and work has remained relevant in an increasingly digital world. You may remember his stunning shots from the London 2012 Olympic Games that were captured, not with an 1DX, but a 4×5 Speed Graphic camera and Aerial reconnaissance lens, both from the 1940s. http://www.petapixel.com/2013/02/20/david-burnetts-journey-from-high-school-photog-to-photojournalist-legend/
TAKEAWAY: In 1973 when TIME Magazine made “the Computer” as ‘Man-of the Year’ for its cover story, the editors sought out David Burnett to photograph new ways the computers were being used in the hinterlands of the USA. One of the electronic cottages photographed was yours truly here at Pine Lake Farm. Here’s the photo of me and my Radio Shack Model II in my barn office at Pine Lake Farm in NW Wisconsin. (circa 1972). http://www.photosource.com/timemagazine.html . .The cat’s name is Blackberry. -RE

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-- White House Shuts Out Photographers Again. So Now What? - David Walker: Now that it is evident that the White House is deaf to complaints from photographers and their employers about being shut out of some of President Obama’s official meetings, the question is, "What can the media do about it?" SOURCE: http://pdnpulse.pdnonline.com/2014/02/white-house-shuts-out-photographers-again-so-now-what.html

More on a Free Press: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20140227/OPINION01/302270009/Keep-Obama-out-America-s-newsrooms

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JOURNEY -- Source to Sea - Amber Terranova: “Jason Florio and Helen Jones-Florio set out to document the communities along the Gambia’s watershed. Florio told me, “We travelled from source to sea, spending each night on the riverbank, where we camped with migrant fisherman, gold miners and sometimes under the protection of village chiefs.

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-- Photographers Who Spam Photo Editors And Art Directors - Andrew Fingerman: “A rather large brouhaha recently erupted when an ad agency creative director lashed out at photographers for “spam” and went so far as to assemble a group of peers and issue a public blacklist, actually naming several photographers they viewed as offenders. Turns out, more than a few of the so-called evil spammers were instead well-meaning professionals who carefully researched their target audience and sent valid, relevant communications. Email Marketing for Photographers, designed to help photographers get it right. SOURCE: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2011/05/spamming-photo-editors-and-art-directors/

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-- Private Client Galleries Revealed. John White: “Recently, a huge string of hackers were exposed for getting into private boudoir galleries and downloading images of nude models and clients directly from the photographer’s websites. Some of these people were using them for personal pleasure, as ransom to get money from the model/client, and many more other disgusting things. I reached out to Erin from Erin Watson Photography, who was one of the targets of the group of hackers. She gave us more insight into what happened so we could see what could be done to prevent situations like this from occuring again.” SOURCE: http://fstoppers.com/thousands-of-boudoir-galleries-hacked-private-client-galleries-revealed?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+fstoppersfeed+%28fstoppers%29
PHOTO: Erin Watson

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UNCOMFORT INN -- 2014 Winter Olympics Op-Ed: Everything You’ve Read About Problems for Photographers at Sochi is True - The following op-ed was written last week by photographer Jeff Cable who is in Sochi, Russia covering the 2014 Winter Olympics. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/ptm8oma
PHOTO: Jeff Cable

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Newspapers and photographers: days together may be numbered - D.B. Hebbard: “The news that Johnston Press would be eliminating its photography department didn’t make as much of a wave. Even Roy Greenslade, who wrote about the move by Johnston Press, said that the move made sense. “Relying on freelancers – and, of course, citizens with smartphones – to provide pictures is far cheaper than having photographers on staff.

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-- Photographer Fired by AP Says The Decision Was Fair, But Process Wasn’t - David Walker: Freelancer Narciso Contreras, a talented war photographer who was cut off by Associated Press last week after he admitted he had Photoshopped a news photo, told PDN in an e-mail interview that he accepts his punishment. “I would have preferred to discuss with the editors the whole situation personally, [but] they went behind locked doors and made their decision.” http://pdnpulse.pdnonline.com/2014/01/photographer-fired-by-ap-says-decision-was-fair-but-process-wasnt.html
PHOTO: Narciso Contreras,
TAKEAWAY: To be a working photographer means you necessarily must be a creative person. If you are a working photojournalist, your creativity works against you. You are often tempted to ‘illustrate’ rather than ‘document’. The world of non-fiction photojournalism is gradually diminishing. The viewing public is becoming more sophisticated in interpreting what it sees in the way of news reporting. The discussion about what is “truth” in photojournalism has been going on since Matthew Brady’s time (Civil War). It’s difficult these days to be a photo editor at a news organization. Abraham Lincoln once said, “You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Or was it Bernie Madoff? -RE

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DESTROYED BY HURRICANE SANDY… 40 Years Of Photography - Alyssa Coppelman: “The stories that continue to surface about the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy include photographer Randy Taylor, who lost almost the entire archive of his work that spanned nearly 40 years . http://tinyurl.com/lahbfke

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STICK TO IT: The 2014 Business Plan: - Sarah Jacobs:"Our newest Infographic and Guide. The 2014 Photo Business Plan Workbook will help you build your business plan and stick to it this year. With this step-by-step guide, learn how to think about your photography from more of a business perspective, including smart tips to fine tune your marketing and attract more clients. SOURCE: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2014/01/2014-photo-business-plan-workbook-infographic-guide/

GEORGE RODGER -- Website dedicated to Magnum founding photographer includes rare footage - Will Carleton: “A website dedicated to the life and photography of Magnum photo agency founding photographer, George Rodger is now online at GeorgeRodgerPhotographs.com
The site has been created by George’s son Jonathan Rodger who manages the collection. http://www.photoarchivenews.com/launched-website-dedicated-to-magnum-founding-photographer-george-rodger/

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FOR PROS ONLY: The Photographer co-ops. Janet Smith: “The question: How do you meet the promotional, sales and administrative challenges of photojournalism today and still find time to develop project ideas, shoot and process your work? The cooperative business model is an old one. Individual businesses with similar interests come together to sell their products more efficiently. They join forces in marketing and delivery, often under a single brand. They share in profits based on the participation of each member. The bottom line behind cooperatives is economic safety in numbers. SOURCE: https://nppa.org/page/photography-cooperatives-and-collectives
Via: Joe Stanski

SACKED! -- Why Associated Press was right to close ties with Narciso Contreras
The Guardian's head of photography explains why the photojournalist's seemingly small mistake in manipulating a single image from Syria could have big repercussions
AP has its own rules for a good reason, and it is made very clear to all photographers that any manipulation is not tolerated. SOURCE: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/photography-blog/2014/jan/23/associated-press-narciso-contreras-syria-photojournalism?commentpage=1
PHOTO: Narciso Contreras
Via: Frank Nowikowski

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Is Released in Syria. - Kristn Hare: “Bunyamin Aygun, a Turkish photographer who was kidnapped in Syria in November, has been released, the Associated Press reports. The photographer for Turkey’s Milliyet newspaper — who recently won awards for his photographs of Syria’s civil war - was kidnapped in northern Syria in November by groups believed to be linked to al-Qaida. Two American journalists who were working in Syria remain missing. SOURCE: http://www.editorandpublisher.com/Newsletter/Article/Photographer-kidnapped-in-Syria-is-released

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C’MON BACK -- Four Chicago Sun-Times Photographers to be Rehired. The union representing the Chicago Sun-Times photographers who lost their jobs when the entire photography staff was fired this year says the paper's publisher has agreed to rehire four of them. SOURCE: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/4-Chicago-Sun-Times-Photographers-To-Be-Rehired-234313131.html

PRESS FREEDOM -- David Skok: “As the world mourns the death of Mandela there will be countless tributes to both the man and his legacy. As an immigrant to this wonderful country, I hope that as Canadians we can also take this time to contemplate the vital importance of protecting our freedom of speech.” SOURCE: http://globalnews.ca/news/701060/mandela-and-the-importance-of-press-freedom/
PHOTO: Denis Farrell

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BUSINESS BUILDING BLOCKS -- Skip Cohen: “Building a business, in many ways, is no different than building a house. You've got to have a solid foundation. Too often, especially new photographers, are building their marketing programs before they've developed their skill set. Anybody can get their first client, but a solid foundation gets the first client back a second time and brings more people in the door. SOURCE: http://www.skipcohenuniversity.com/1/post/2013/12/positive-building-blocks-for-a-photography-business.html

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES -- Four photographers are back - Jim Romenesko: “The Chicago Sun-Times has agreed to hire back four fired photographers and pay $2,000 to each of the photographers who were let go earlier in the year. They get the lump-sum payment only if they agree not to sue the company over their dismissals. http://jimromenesko.com/2013/12/03/chicago-sun-times-hires-back-four-photographers/

REFUSE HANDOUTS -- USA Today won’t publish handout photos from White House - Andrew Beaujon: “In a memo to staff Sunday, USA Today Deputy Director of Multimedia, Andrew P. Scott, said the news organization will not use “handout photos originating from the White House Press Office, except in very extraordinary circumstances.” http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/mediawire/231270/usa-today-wont-publish-handout-photos-from-white-house/

PHOTO: Pete Souza

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- Conor Risch: “How an Instagram campaign for Mercedes-Benz, created by digital agency Razorfish and shot by photographers with Tinker Mobile, has set a new standard for pricing in the growing social content market. SOURCE: http://www.pdnonline.com/features/Professionalizing-th-9596.shtml
PHOTO: Chris Ozer

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-- News media to Obama: ‘Give us more access
Nancy Benac: "As surely as if they were placing a hand over a journalist's camera lens, officials in this administration are blocking the public from having an independent view of important functions of the executive branch of government." SOURCE: http://www.capitolhillblue.com/node/50601
Also: http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/mediawire/230832/photojournalists-want-better-access-to-the-white-house/
PHOTO: Charles Dharapak/AP
via Frank Nikowoski

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WARS ARE HUMAN -- Washington Post: “Modern war photographers take us all to war. No matter how they start, or why, wars are human — the people who fight them, the people caught in their destruction, the people who cover them, all pay a price for a cause. Since the Civil War — the first American conflict photographed — photojournalists have never let us forget that.” http://www.eagletribune.com/community-news-network/x862203416/Modern-war-photographers-take-us-all-to-war
PHOTO: Carol Guzy/Washnigton POST

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-- Alice Louise: “To Big brands: Stop using alleged sex offender Terry Richardson as your photographer. More awareness needs to be brought to light that Terry Richardson is negatively influencing media with his supposed exploit & abuse of certain models, mainstream degrading pornographic imagery, and inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. SOURCE: http://www.change.org/petitions/big-brands-stop-using-alleged-sex-offender-terry-richardson-as-your-photographer

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REFRESH WITH NEW STORIES -- Charles Gupton: “You can’t swing a stick in the business world these days without encountering the need for better stories in all aspects of a company’s communication. But how do you discover a better story to tell? One key to a better story is to tell a different story; to step away from the current message your company is telling and find a new facet that you’ve not focused on before. SOURCE: http://www.asmp.org/strictlybusiness/2013/10/new-story-insights

STOPABILITY -- Social@Ogilvy's ACD: Conor Risch: “Traditionally advertisers talk a lot about the “stopping power” of an image, its ability to get an audience to stop and pay attention to it. Is the goal still the same in social-media marketing and advertising, or has the role of photography changed? SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/kt4wpd9

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-- Some digging by The New York Times strikes a blow against them. - Joshua Benton: The Times recently published David Segal’s look at mugshot sites — the ones that gather publicly available mugshots from around the country, publish them with the arrestee’s name and charge attached, and then offer to take them down for the right amount of money. SOURCE: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/06/business/mugged-by-a-mug-shot-online.html?_r=0 Also:
TAKEAWAY: Playing God or the devil again. Google and MasterCharge has the opportunity to let blackmail flourish.

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ANOTHER PHOTO DEPT. CUT Last month Atlanta Journal-Constitution staffers were told by Editor Kevin Riley that layoffs in the newsroom of the metro region's paper of record were possible. The upcoming budget was expected to be tight. Now they know that cuts are indeed happening. (Two other Cox-owned newspapers are offering voluntary buyouts to photographers.) SOURCE: http://clatl.com/freshloaf/archives/2013/10/11/ajc-to-cut-photo-department-in-half

A photographer's guide to being a photographer – Clint Alwahab: “Vanden Driessche's satirical book, "How to be a Photographer in Four Lessons," is a field guide to spotting photographers in their natural habitats that picks apart the stereotypes of just about every type of photographer. SOURCE:

WHAT BUYERS WANT -- The 2013 Survey on What Buyers Want From Photographers – Sarah Jacobs: PhotoShelter and Agency Access have joined forces yet again and are happy to present, for the third year in a row, the 2013 Survey: What Buyers Want From Photographers. This new guide is chocked with tips from hundreds of photo buyers worldwide so you can learn how to market your business better, improve your website, and ultimately, get hired. SOURCE: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2013/10/2013-survey-buyers-want-photographers/

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WHAT'S YOUR NICHE?: “Custom Big Rig Specialist – David Walker: “Los Angeles photographer Roger Snider shoots print and Web campaigns for national brands, including Pepsi, Geico and Dos Equis. But his passion is photographing custom big rigs, shining with paint and chrome like giant toys. Since 2006, Snider has landed a variety of truck-related editorial and commercial assignments, and built a dedicated brand called Ultra Rigs of the World. http://www.pdnonline.com/features/Whats-Your-Niche-C-9201.shtml

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YAHOO’S PHOTOS OF THE DAY - - Stringer: “The best news photos of the day for September 26, 2013. SOURCE: http://news.yahoo.com/photos/photos-of-the-day-september-26-2013-1380203768-slideshow/

MODERNIST CUISINE -- Behind the Photography Scenes. Peter Kolonia: ”Great food photography whets appetites, sells magazines, and inspires people to cook. But the imagery of the Modernist Cuisine cookbooks does more: It teaches, with plenty of aesthetic impact, too.” SOURCE:

BEST PLACES TO PHOTOGRAPH -- Worldwide Lauren Margolis: “Every travel photographer has his or her bucket list of locations they lust after – the ones they dream of photographing one day. Whether you’re after the landscape, animals, or culture, from New Zealand to Nepal, here are 24 of the best places to photograph worldwide.” SOURCE: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2013/09/24-best-places-photograph-worldwide/
PHOTO: Jean Robert

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YOUR TARGET -- Your Email Marketing Goals: Setting and Achieving Them. Dean Levitt: "Often, very little attention is paid to setting goals, with even less to crafting an email newsletter. However, setting some simple goals can help give you more focus and make your marketing efforts more successful. SOURCE: http://www.asmp.org/strictlybusiness/2013/09/setting-and-achieving-your-email-marketing-goals

PAY OFF -- Shooting Personal Work -- The Chicago-based photographer Marcus Smith talks about what he learned while assisting advertising shooter Gary Land. SOURCE: http://www.pdnonline.com/features/End-Frame-Why-Shoot-9080.shtml
PHOTO: Marcus Smith

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PERFECT SENIOR PICTURES -- Advice on how to get them. Emily Maddern:
Today’s seniors don’t want the traditional (i.e. boring) photos past generations had — they are looking for more creative ways to express themselves. Now, senior photos look more like magazine images of glamorous, trendy people. Photographer Tina Bush, owner of Tina Bush Photography in Pickerington, thinks teens aren’t as camera shy as they once were. SOURCE: http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/article/20130830/LIFESTYLE/308300011/Local-photographers-offer-advice-how-get-perfect-senior-pictures?nclick_check=1

BUILD AN AUDIENCE -- Growing Your Portrait Photography Business: Families, Kids & Senior Portrait Photography – Photoshelter: “Hear from seasoned portrait photographers who offer tips to build an audience (and a list of prospective clients!), determine pricing packages, master people skills, and influence word-of-mouth referrals within your local community. http://www.photoshelter.com/mkt/research/growing-your-portrait-photography-business-part-1

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HITTING A CONVENTION -- Getting More Bang for Your Buck, Skip Cohen: "Photoshop World, Professional Photographers of Ohio, Photo Plus Expo and a few smaller shows around the country. With each convention comes an investment of both time and real dollars.
Source: http://www.skipcohenuniversity.com/1/post/2013/08/getting-more-bang-for-your-buck-when-hitting-a-convention.html

FOR YOU? Editorial Stock Photography - Rohn Engh: "Are you just starting out (or starting over)in editorial stock photography? What should you focus on? Where do you start? That answer is easy. Start with your heart. Start by photographing subjects that you're highly interested in. http://rising.blackstar.com/is-editorial-stock-photography-for-you.html

WHO SHOT THE PHOTOGRAPHER? ImageBrief: “Indusry Forces That Could Spell The Extinction Of The Professional Photographer, With The Reduction of Barriers to Entry, Copyright Infringement, And Stock Libraries Paying As Low As 20%, Photography Professionals Are Looking Elsewhere For Their Income. SOURCE

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UNREASONABLE TERMS? --ASMP Alert – The Instagram Papers – Peter Krogh: “ For some time, the ASMP has been monitoring and reporting on the Terms of Service for social media distributors of images. After studying the current Instagram terms, we have determined that they are too far-reaching and unreasonable. http://www.asmp.org/strictlybusiness/2013/08/asmp-alert-the-instagram-papers

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A Message in a Time Capsule – Gail Mooney: “After graduating from Brooks Institute, I was fortunate to get some great advice from some well-seasoned pros. Almost every one of them told me to learn the business end of photography if I wanted to stay in business. Wise words, but perhaps the best advice I got was from Jay Maisel. http://www.asmp.org/strictlybusiness/2013/08/a-message-in-a-time-capsule

Renting Photo Gear – 6 Reasons to consider. Lauren Margolis: There are several instances where renting gear should be a no-brainer , and yet many photographers are reluctant to do so. To learn more about reasons to rent, we turned to the experts at LensProToGo. SOURCE: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2013/08/6-reasons-to-consider-renting-photo-gear/

BACK TO BASICS -- Converting Social Media Efforts Into Photo Revenue-NOT – John Lund: As we all start to drown under the demands of social media it is important to consider how we spend our limited time. SOURCE: http://blog.johnlund.com/2013/08/converting-social-media-efforts-into.html

Your Next Food Photography Client -- 11 Business Questions to Ask. – (Neel) Business of Food Photography is the toughest topic to handle. Most photographers don’t like to talk about this subject. But Andrew Scrivani is different. http://www.learnfoodphotography.com/11-business-questions-to-ask-your-next-food-photography-client-and-how-to-get-started-in-the-business-of-food-photography