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15 Dec, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

The Top 12 Myths about Embedded Photo Metadata -- There are a number of myths or misconceptions that surround the practice of embedding information such as IPTC, IPTC-IIM, XMP or even Exif into a digital image file ó like JPEGs, TIFFs, Photoshop, DNG and other Raw files). There are a number of applications or utilities which can do this easily and safely. SOURCE: Richard Wagner, Bob Stromberg, and others.

01 Dec, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

SOME DOís / DONíTís -- Adding proper keywords to your photos is essential in getting them viewed. In our ever-expanding collection of photographs in the Marketplace, keywords enable users and potential Buyers to find what they're looking for quickly and easily. SOURCE: SnapFish ;