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29 Dec, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

A photo website that will be on
the first page of a Google search for
your category of stock photography?

…and it’s your site?

“NO WAY!” you say.

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22 Dec, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

A photo website that will be on
the first page of a Google search for
your category of stock photography?

…and it’s your site?

“NO WAY!” you say.

Read on.

Sure, it’s possible for you to be
on the first page of a Google
search if a photobuyer already
knows your name or your
company name and types it in
the search bar. .

- but what if the buyer has never
heard of you or your business name...

And the buyer is searching for a
certain subject, like snowflakes
or endangered species,
or San Antonio's Riverwalk ?
If you had those photos, would you
come up on Page 1 of a Google search
by virtue of the photobuyer typing
in those keywords ?

The objective is for buyers to locate
you by typing in what they need, and
if it is what you are selling - your
website will come up on the first page
of a Google search. Impossible?

Near impossible... yes,
if you don’t know what we know.

But Hold On !
We can make it
possible for you. Guaranteed.

Photosource International
can show you how it's done.

It took me and my staff five years of
research to learn how. Now we can
show you how you and your photography
can be on that first Page of a Google
search. It’s a service I call “First Page.”
Next week, I’ll explain how we
can do this for you.
Mark your calendar and watch your email!


15 Dec, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

...been thinking about starting to sell your stock photos on the Internet...?

My 21-unit program on CD is the answer for you.

Each unit is about 8 to 15 minutes long. It's on a compact disk and can reach your postal mail address in 5 to 7 days. (We're quick!)

There's a guarantee... can't benefit from it? Send it back and you receive a full refund..

Advanced stock photographers as well as newcomers to the marketplace will find new ideas, new strategies, in this marketing guide, to keep pace with the ever-evolving Internet environment.
---Rohn Engh

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What they're saying about the

How to Market Your Photos eCourse

"The eCourse is one of the best investments I've made. I am a former working magician. In magic, there is the phrase "The Real Work." This is when an effect is truly entertaining. It is not just the secret, but the entire presentation. The eCourse is truly the "REAL WORK" when it comes to editorial stock photography."
-Dennis Carroll, Photographer, Las Vegas, NV

"Thanks for the video clip on getting people in my pictures; I learned some important new tips."
- Bob Sena, Robert Sena Photography, ASMP, San Anselmo, CA

“This CD eCourse, "Rohn Engh's How To Market Your Photos", in the market place of selling your photos, is the bible for getting your photos sold. Rohn Engh, along with a few of his very knowledgeable stock photographer friends, show you how to sell the photos you love to take – using real world technology. From the Internet, to Google, to creating websites, to business cards and letterhead, legal forms, and pricing your photos – this is hands down, the best out there. This CD is like sitting down and chatting with a good friend, about how to do something you love, and then, getting paid for it. Rohn is the best of the best at helping you get your photos to the marketplace. Rohn takes you through it all step by step in "How To Market Your Photos" – hands down, the best a friend can give to a friend."
- Joe Stanski, Photo Illustrator, Morning Star Photography, Fairfield, Iowa

"A note to let you know how much help your publications have been. When I first began, your Sell and Resell Your Photos book was my bible and guide in relationships with publishers, and a most important reference in selecting which publication to make submissions. After awhile I began putting words with my photography and began using your same principles and methods to query publications for my photo/text packages. Now, once again with a big shift in the market, I want to thank you for your excellent CD eCourse on the changing digital market. It's a winner! Thanks again for your continued work in this weird market".
- Bob Grytten, Photographer, BG Associates, Waynesville, NC

"The How To Market Your Photos" eCourse produced by Rohn Engh, of my own state of Wisconsin, is an excellent way for stock photographers -both pros and amateurs-, to brush up on their marketing skills when it comes to learning what's going on in stock photography today. The audio-visual CD format is an excellent choice because it is so much more engaging than a written format would be. I also valued the interview portions with other industry experts, as well as the use of photos to illustrate certain points. I think that people who purchase this course will feel their money has been well-spent!
- Patti Blair,
Photographer, Milwaukee WI USA

“The Rohn Engh ‘How to Market Your Photos’ eCourse is nothing short of excellent and is very informative and educational. If you have the ability to take photographs, this course will help you make photographs and sell them.”- Jim Olive, Stock Photo Agency Director, The STOCKYARD, Houston TX

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