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30 Nov, 2011 | Posted by: st

READING A PHOTOGRAPH -- Christina N. Dickson: “Photographers like to critique photos – deliberately pointing out how the photo could have been improved by this or that. But what percentage of the time do we look at a photo and allow ourselves to get lost in it? How often do we take a moment to really evaluate what the creator intended to communicate?” SOURCE: DPS;
PHOTO: Christina N. Dickson

23 Nov, 2011 | Posted by: st

CAN YOU FIX IT IN PHOTOSHOP? -- 21 Readers Tell What they Wish They’d Known about Photography – Darren Rowse: “Over the weekend I asked our Facebook page a quick question about what they wish they’d known when they first started out in photography. I gave them a 50 word limit an over the next 48 hours hundreds of great tips came in..”
PHOTO John Corvera

A COMMERCIAL AS TEACHER -- What Car Commercials Can Teach You About Marketing Your Photography Business. Scott Bourne: “Marketing should be about storytelling. In this case, Chevrolet – a division of General Motors, is using brand storytelling. They are selling an experience, a memory a story. Four video examples:” SOURCE: GoingPro;
TAKEAWAY: Editorial stock photography gives you the opportunity to share your vision of the world with others.

AVIATION PHOTOGRAPHY. -- Rob Neil : “Aviation photography provides an opportunity for even beginning photographers to capture unique images. Good aviation photography, however, requires a degree of technical know-how as well as basic knowledge of the principles of flight.
PHOTO: Rob Neil

16 Nov, 2011 | Posted by: st

Photographers, Learn How to Build a WordPress Website – Terri Stone: Do you want to get your photographic portfolio online but aren't sure how? From November 29 through December 1, CreativeLive is offering the webinar WordPress for Photographers. As is usual for this training company, you can attend the online workshop as it happens without paying a cent.

09 Nov, 2011 | Posted by: st

LESS IS MORE -- How to Overcome the Problem of ‘Inadequate’ Gear – S Senthil Kumaran: “My
biggest grudge was not having a long telephoto lens since I took up bird photography a bit more seriously. The longest lens I had was 200mm. Then I decided, if the lens is not going to take me close to the bird, I will take the lens close to the bird.
PHOTO: S Senthil Kumaran.

GIVING SHOTS PERSPECTIVE – Sophie Goldsworthy: “If you want your pictures to show scale and depth, you’re going to have to create them yourself in your composition. Perspective in photography is all about the spatial relationship between the objects in a scene.

PHOTO: Sophie Goldsworthy

WORDS OF A MASTER Elizabeth Halford: “This is what Henri Carter-Bresson famously called “the decisive moment”.
PHOTO: Brooke Snow

RELAX YOUR PORTRAIT SUBJECT – Scott Bourne: “While many of the new portrait photographers I work with are concerned with lighting, pose and lens choice (all good things to think about) the hardest part of portraiture has nothing to do with all those things. Getting your portrait subjects to relax is probably the hardest thing to learn how to do and accomplish.
PHOTO: Scott Bourne

02 Nov, 2011 | Posted by: st

“Magazine work can be tough. Believe me I do plenty of it. Assignment work, while as exotic as it seems, can be a challenge. Often I’m presented with challenges that range from creatively lighting in the field to catching up with wary subjects. I tell people that on a magazine shoot, the real work happens before the shoot. Here’s why:”
PHOTO: Russell Graves

THE HARD WAY -- Tommy Holt: “Your first “professional” shoot can be daunting, but there are a few mistakes that you can avoid by learning from my experience as a beginning photographer.”