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25 May, 2011 | Posted by: st

If youíre a wedding photographer
and not selling some of your images as
stock photography, youíre missing out
on revenue that could be yours.

In the next twenty minutes, Liz Banfield,
a wedding photographer from Minneapolis,
reveals her secrets.

18 May, 2011 | Posted by: st

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From newspaper photographer, to advertising
photographer, to stock photographer,
Mitch Kezar of Minneapolis followed his
passion of hunting and fishing and has
become an outdoor photographer.
He emphasizes "know your client's mission"
so you can provide them not only with photos
but with valuable knowledge on the subject
you are photographing.
-12 minutes

11 May, 2011 | Posted by: st

Joe Farace is a photographer out of the Denver area and is well-known as a writer of both magazine articles and books.
Book publishing by photographers as a way of promoting their work is becoming popular now that self-publishing a photo book has emerged out of the digital revolution.

Grab a cup of coffee and spend a half-hour with this interesting guy who loves to share stock photography ideas.

04 May, 2011 | Posted by: st

Rohn interviews Rick Smolan,
photographer, publisher,
and creator of the Day in the Life
series of coffee table-sized books.

Rick shares his thoughts and ideas
on where stock photographey fits
into the changing on-line photography landscape.

The 28 minute interview is jam-packed
with insights into this inventive person.

Video slowing down? Your computerís buffer pauses because it canít handle this 28-minute video with many images? Hereís a remedy, play the video with audio in the off position, go have a coffee or involve yourself for 28 minutes and come back and replay the video from the start. Presto! Youíll be able to play the entire video without a pause.