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Ben Lowy’s Advice on Creating a Brand for Your Photo Business - Deborah Block: "Ben Lowy is an award-winning conflict and feature photographer based in New York City. But alongside his award-winning photography is a distinct business brand that helps him reach more clients. So we got his advice on creating a real, lasting brand for your photo business.

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BRAND ASSOCIATIONS -- Carnegie Mellon University researchers mine millions of images from social media. The images people share on social media -- photos of favorite products and places, or of themselves at bars, sporting events and weddings -- could be valuable to marketers assessing their customers' "top-of-mind" attitudes toward a brand. Carnegie Mellon researchers have taken a first step toward this capability in a new study in which they analyzed five million such images. SOURCE:

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ELEVATED INTERPRETATIONS -- Why the Native Advertising Trend Could Be Good for Photographers – Conor Risch: “Part of the reason that a professional photographer will never be out of work,” Postal posits, is “because there is always a need for someone to interpret a message in an elevated way.” While the goal is to create native ads and branded content that look of a piece with the rest of the content on a site, brands still want what they’ve always wanted: to stand out. SOURCE: http://www.pdnonline.com/features/Why-the-Native-Adver-9306.shtml

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-- Joey and Jessica: Using Personal Work and Mood Boards to Get Clients Excited About Their Vision – Meghan Ahearn: “In today’s competitive advertising market, photographers have to find a way to show the ad agency (and more recently, the client) that they understand what the brand is looking for. We asked Joey and Jessica to share their tactics for bidding on an advertising job and demonstrating how their photographic style could bring the client’s campaign to life.” SOURCE:

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BUILDING SECRETS -- Lauren Margolis: “It’s no secret that competition in the photography industry has gotten fierce. But what makes your photography business stand out from the crowd? First and foremost, it starts with a distinct and impressive brand that speaks to your target market and makes you the obvious choice for clients seeking your work or services. As we start a new year, make it your 2013 resolution to build a brand unique to your personality and photography business. http://blog.photoshelter.com/2013/01/10-brand-building-secrets-for-photographers/

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Define Your Niche - Veronica Dagher – Video. Need to define your stock photography niche? Choose one where you have passion and expertise.

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BRANDING YOUR BUSINESS WITH SOCIAL MEDIA -- Tara Hornor: “Social media marketing can be a free and innovative channel to win your business positive press and to “get the word out” about who you are and what you do. However, if not done properly, social media can actually work against you, either directly or indirectly. Just as with promoting your business through flyers or an online banner, keeping your brand image consistent no matter the social media site is of the utmost importance. Therefore, take charge and manage your brand character by following a few basic tips. Read on below to see how best to promote and brand your company name with social media. SOURCE: http://socialmediatoday.com/tara-hornor/577741/branding-your-business-social-media

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PIXIQ TOP TEN BOOKS – Damien Franco: “This year was a stellar year for our Pixiq authors as they released some truly fantastic photography books throughout the year.

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STEP BY STEP IN BUILDING YOUR BRAND AWARENESS – Part I – Skip Cohen: “There are so many photographers new to the industry doing exactly the same thing – they don’t do their homework. They build a website, but can’t understand why there isn’t a traffic jam at their front door. They over-invest in gear they don’t really need. Lastly, and too often, there’s no plan in place for marketing and building their brand. http://goingpro2010.com/2011/12/28/photographers-step-by-step-in-building-your-brand-awareness-part-i/

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What Can a Publicist Do for You? – Holly Stuart Hughes: “Photographers are hiring publicists to help generate press for their projects and, in the process, promote their brand. Margery Newman, a publicist who has worked with David Maisel and other photographers, notes, “Once a photographer’s name gets out there over and over, and people start to recognize it, that enhances your career.” SOURCE: PDN Online ; http://www.pdnonline.com/pdn/features/What-Can-a-Publicist-4146.shtml

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PERCEPTION: Creating Your Photography Brand . Conor Risch : “Businesses of all shapes and sizes spend countless hours and a significant amount of money working with experts to fine-tune their brands so they can take control of how clients and customers perceive them. SOURCE: PDNOnline: http://www.pdnonline.com/pdn/features/Creating-Your-Photog-4120.shtml

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Branding Your Photography Business – Matt Dutile How a business presents itself can be the difference between success and failure. Photographers are no exception to this rule. From logo to business cards, website to social media pages, portfolio to promo piece – all affect a buyer’s decision whether to work with you or not”. http://www.digital-photography-school.com/ready-branding-your-photography-business-part-1-logos

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FAST FOTOS -- Treat your Action Photography Brain with Red Bull Illume HD iPad app; There is now an app to help you get to the most amazing collection of the best in action and adventure sports photography. It's called the Red Bull Illume HD iPad app, and it has already earned the very prestigious Favorite Website Awards (FWA) “Mobile of the Day” award for June 27, 2011.
PHOTO: Kelly Eppinger

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YOUR REPUTATION -- Google and Your Social Media Reputation – Rosh Sillars: “An important part of social media is managing your brand. Your brand is your reputation. Google has a few features that will help you manage the reputation of your brand. http://www.asmp.org/strictlybusiness/2011/06/google-and-your-social-media-reputation/

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REVAMP -- How Sarah Silver Changed Her Marketing - About a year ago, fashion and beauty photographer Sarah Silver received a unique holiday gift from her rep, Kate Ryan of Kate Ryan Inc.—an appointment with a marketing expert, Beth Taubner of MercuryLab. The consultation eventually resulted in a complete overhaul of Silver’s branding. SOURCE: Jacqueline Tobin

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WHAT’S IN A NAME? – Skip Cohen: “Stay away from names that are too cute. If you’re a photographer, look for names that are searchable and in some way let the reader know what you do. Remember nobody can steal your name. http://goingpro2010.com/2010/12/08/whats-in-a-name/
TAKEAWAY: Another point…Your domain name is part of your brand. Be careful of “extension swipers.” When you try to register for ‘similars’ in the future, especially the hyphenated ones, if you and your domain name become popular and highly recognized, especially the hyphenated ones, you might find the best ones have been gobbled up by the swiper guys. Invest in ‘extras’ now, just in case...

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ATTRACT CUSTOMERS -- Your stock photos will find markets quick if you begin to “brand” your stock photography. Once you have established a “specialization” (the stock photography you love to be engage in…) start to learn the top keywords that photo editors (and the general public) use to type into the Google, BING, or Yahoo search bar.
Here’s a site to go to learn how to type ‘search’ words that the public uses to find photos of your photography specialty.

Example: say your stock photo specialization is sheepdogs, and the Sheltie in particular. On the same line place the word Sheltie
Which search term is the most popular?
Using the most popular (numerical) search term/(s) by the general public, you will draw interested viewers to your web page or blog.

Although this page is for Google Adwords, it also serves as an excellent place to find key words for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. –RE

GET KNOWN -- Brian: Valuable Thing for My Stock. “I often ask myself “what is the most valuable thing I can do right now for my business success?” As a stock photographer my immediate answer is: “Create more images!” But I don’t think that is really the correct answer. In my particular situation, and possibly yours too, the answer is to get my work in front of more potential buyers. (licensees). I realize that right now the best thing I can do to bolster my career is to continue to optimize my site in order to establish my “brand” and get my work in front of more buyers (licensees). To buy it, they have to see it.” SOURCE: Brian;

-- Increasing and Influencing Brand Awareness. Use a consistent avatar. Most social media channels represents each member with an avatar. This is the square icon that represents you, your company and your brand. Try to always use the same or similar photos or logo in these places.

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GETTING IT RIGHT -- GoingPro: "Don’t Think You Can Fix Everything In 'Post' -There’s no way to over-estimate the importance of getting it right the first time, in the camera, so your images are clean “right out of the can.” Here’s the biggest reason why relying on fixing things in post won’t work… you’ve only got so much time during any given day. Your brand isn’t your photography, it’s YOU and you can’t promote yourself if you’re behind the computer fixing an image. " http://goingpro2010.com/?p=974

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BECOME A MONOPOLY -- 6 Steps To Conquer A Niche Photo Market - Ben Olivares is a Guadalajara-based freelance photographer who has made the tequila industry his specialty. He shoots images of agave plants, agave fields, and the tequila production process. Based on a conversation with Ben and other marketing-savvy photographers here are 6 steps that anyone can follow. http://blog.photoshelter.com/2010/08/6-steps-to-conquering-a-niche-photo-market.html
TAKEAWAY: If you speak the language of your target markets they’ll recognize you as someone they want to work with.

How To On Twitter: Some Tips On How To Employ Twitter
Twitter might appear like a completely meaningless amusement tool, but like any other business tool, it has to be employed correctly to be helpful. Learning how to utilize Twitter efficiently can be the difference between effectively branding your business or altogether alienating your prospective patrons. http://goodnewsforall.com/news/2010/08/how-to-on-twitter-some-tips-on-how-to-employ-twitter/

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So, you asked, “What’s the secret to selling my photos?”

Which Way Are You Running?

Marathon runners run 24.8 miles in an event. They practice and train hard. They’re always running.
They are definitely good runners. They are pros – or near pros.

Imagine you’re in the running, too.
So – there’s a marathon…. Yeah!

What if instead of the usual 35 runners entering with you in the local marathon…135 enter. O.K. So what?

Then again, what if there were a special incentive (like $5,000) to the winner.
Probably 10,035 runners would enter.

What if the incentive next year was $10,000 to the winner and the prize doubled every year from then on.

A lot of marathon runners! All of them, very good runners.
But what of the expenses involved in participating in the marathons? (Car travel, room, board, plane flight, accidents, food, health bills, etc.)
Who pays those? You do, of course.
Soon you realize the more runners, the less chance for you to win the prize.
After a while –something’s got to give, right ?

Pretty soon the whole idea of staying in the fray requires a hard-thinking reassessment.

Can you see a parallel to your involvement in microstock?
Are you in effect running in a monumental marathon?
This is only the beginning.
Antidote: Focus on a select few subject areas you love to photograph. In other words, specialize.

It’s called BRANDING.

This is your ticket to working directly with specific photobuyers who pay much higher fees than microstock buyers, and who will seek you out as an important resource for them.

Rohn Engh, veteran stock photographer and publisher of PhotoStockNOTES has provided on-line targeted information for photobuyers and photographers for three decades. No other newsletter brings stock photographers such up-to-the minute, practical information from a professional intimately familiar with both sides of the stock photo desk.
For more info on how to sell your stock photos: http://www.photosource.com

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HOW ARE YOU DIFFERENT? -- Don’t simply imitate what your competitors are doing. Do something different and do it well. The oldest adage in the sales and marketing business is to develop a USP – a Unique Selling Point. Figure out what you do better than anyone else and differently than anyone else and promote the heck out of that. http://goingpro2010.com/?p=666
TAKEAWAY: In stock photography, a Unique Selling Point translates to BRANDING.

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Build Your Brand Identity

A few questions to start thinking about…

-What is your business’s slogan or tag line?
-What do you specialize in?
-Who is your target market?
-What words do people use to describe your business?
-What is your unique selling position?
-Have you had a logo professionally designed?
-What need do you fill that others don’t?


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MAKE IT REPRESENT YOU -- Trademark Yourself Part II – Picking up where our May/June article left off, DPP delves into acquiring, registering and protecting your business trademark SOURCE: Samuel Lewis http://www.digitalphotopro.com/business/trademark-yourself-part-ii.html

ENTRENCH YOUR MESSAGE -- Ask Industry Experts to Help You Pick a Signature Image - In July, PDNOnline will connect three photographers with industry experts who will review a selection of their images and discuss with them their marketing objectives and their career goals. You need to be a PDN subscriber to submit work for review. http://pdnedu.blogs.com/pdn_pulse/2010/06/ask-industry-experts-to-help-you-pick-a-signature-image.html