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30 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: st

One-time photo sales for big money...
The Internet is a wealth of information
Potential markets
you probably never heard of.
How to sell prints.
Learn about the modern re-imagining of a classic methodology
Get Your Wedding Photos Published Editorially
How to easily include people in your pictures.
Look hard at the costs you incur.
Who is your audience?
Are their owners a threat to homelandsecurity.
Three Keys To Success In Stock Photography
The new publication from the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).
Google loses decision on digital library and bookstore
Registering the copyrights to your photos is vital!
Authorizing a photographer to bring a civil action for damages
Show Your Filming Permit In A National Park
Ethical Quandary for Social SitesTen extraordinary amateur photographers
Our new section called Previous Photo Needs.Compact Camera - Underwater Photo Workshops
How Norman Rockwell Used The Camera, -- An exhibition
Stock Artist Alliance (SAA) shuts down
What they're saying about Sell & ReSell Your Photos

16 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: st

Can I sell my photos?

Should You Own The Copyright To Your Photo?
To make consistent sales you need consistent marketing.
WAS SOMEONE DUPED AT LIFE Magazine? -- Rare Photos: Hitler's Inner Circle
Selling Photography? Remove The Speed Bumps
Get known as a “brand” and buyers will come to you.
What differentiates you from all the rest?”Making your photo shoot “legit” in terms of being within the law.
>How has the recession affected the business of stock imagery?
Imagery that is almost editorial in nature
Photographer Timothy Allen talks about working with the BBC series Human Planet.
Could Vivian Maier, an Unknown Photographer, Be a Master?
Corbis Images will begin offering an editorial section.
Plum Miami is a cutting-edge magazine that focuses on the best in the city
Here's how you can buy your start-up equipment at a 100% discount
Researchers Create World's Smallest Camera
FACEBOOK and Twitter are a bonus for you

Should photographers be thinking about picking up an iPad?
A juried competition and exhibition

What photobuyers are looking for in the way of stock photos.
How To Process Photos in Adobe Lightroom

09 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

selling your photos…

Anywhere in the World
DSL: Help Is (Maybe) on the Way
Getty Images staff photographer, Siri Berting
Start A Blog
Brand awareness in your community
A totally new industry
Google Awards $2.7M DigitalJournalism Grant
A good MARKETABLE photo

How To Shoot In Restricted Areas...
Street Photo Contest at B&H
All those slides of former Sygma members to be burned
The Truth About Copyright.
Ongoing Copyright Infringements
Photographic Techniques For Using Existing Light Sources
“How to Market Your Photos” e-Course
Making Scans with a Digital Camera
Flower Photography Workshops by Barbara Bordnick
L.A. press photographers celebrate 75th anniversary
So, you’d like to be on the First Page of a Google Search?

02 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

Where do you start selling your photos?
How to select a stock photo agency
Using post cards to promote your business
How to Distribute Your Self-Published Book
Company services photographers who embrace film
TheWashington Post plans e-mobile unit
Putting All Your (Stock Photography) Eggs in One Basket
The print market is flourishing and opening new opportunities
You can earn as a travel photographer
Get ready to change established business precedents
You will want to sell your ebook through Amazon’s Kindle Store
Keep our photography equipment safe and sound while traveling
Did you Switch From Color Slides to Digital?
Photograph yourself
Get Your Photography on the Web
Uniformed individuals accost you and demand that you stop shooting
The CEO declared that he is about to destroy millions of Sygma’s photographs
Leica to launch mirrorless camera?
“Cheapest Digital Insurance on the Planet!"The winning entries share a prize fund of £5,000.
She has been putting together portfolios for almost 25 years.

Photographic Tour to the Taj & Rajasthan, India
Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen and Paul Strand, at the Metropolitan
Photography exhibit tells stories through trees at Getty Museum.