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SELLING NEW YORK PHOTOS -- - Katie Beck: “One year ago, photography was just a hobby for Daniel Arnold. Dissatisfied with his corporate job, he would spend his free time wandering the streets of Manhattan capturing odd moments with his camera. The passion, he says, turned into an obsession, and after posting his work on Instagram he won attention for his skill and his eye for the unusual. Arnold's following on the social media site grew quickly and he has become something of an Instagram celebrity, with well over 50,000 followers. He has managed to turn his popularity online into success in real life too - earning $15,000 (£8,925) in a single day by selling photos from his Instagram feed.

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WHY? WHEN? WHERE? 22 Interview Questions with the “Street-Photographers” Collective - Eric Kim sent the Street-photographers collective members 22 interview questions, and the members shared their personal answers opinions below. See their superb images and insights on street photography: SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/kmoojgv

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- Comrade Cartier-Bresson: the great photographer revealed as a communist. A comprehensive new exhibition at the Pompidou Centre in Paris shows off the street photographer's little-known surrealist shots – and reveals his radical politics.
PHOTO: Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Homeless photography: A fresh look - Giancarlo Gonzalez: A photo project teams a homeless man with Oklahoma Gazette, Upward Transitions and Curbside Chronicle to help our community experience a new side of our city." http://www.okgazette.com/oklahoma/article-20262-homeless-photography.html
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Try your hand at street photography - Antonio Olmos: “Photographing strangers as they go about their lives can seem daunting. Street photography is right on your doorstep. The best way to increase your confidence is by stepping outside and giving it a try. Common sense applies to street photography: if you are polite and kind, you'll get that reaction back. SOURCE: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/jan/11/try-hand-at-street-photography-do-something-creative
PHOTO: Antonio Dimos

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BYSTANDER -- Lisa Sorg: “Last week I saw Everybody Street, a wonderful film about New York street photographers, at the Full Frame Theater at the American Tobacco Campus. One of my favorite photogs, Joel Meyerowitz, is featured in the movie; he co-wrote Bystander: A History of Street Photography, a must-read for those of you interested in the art form.” SOURCE: http://www.indyweek.com/indyweek/weathering-heights/Content?oid=3777010
PHOTO: Lisa Sorg

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WHERE TO BEGIN? Street Photography Wayne Turner: “We all have to start somewhere with our photography and one of the big questions I get asked by students is where do we begin. There is just so much to learn and not enough subjects to shoot. That may or may not be true.”
PHOTO: Wayne Turner

SHOOT FROM THE HIP -- Mark Cohen has spent decades doing hit-and-run street photography in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. His pictures are always taken from waist-height, so he can keep his wits about him – and he's taken 800,000 shots he's never even seen.
PHOTO: Mark Cohen

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PHOTOGRAPHING IN PUBLIC -- Fourteen Tips. Mike Johnston: “Here are just a few of the ways I know of or have heard of over the years to avoid attracting attention, and of dealing with trouble when it arises.” http://photo.net/columns/mjohnston/14-tips-for-photographing-in-public/

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50 YEARS – SAME SPOT -- Documentary aims to explore photographer who worked in one spot for 50 years – Tim Barribeau: “Dublin street photographer Arthur Fields spent 50 years working on the same bridge, and now a film group wants to make a documentary about his life. Fields stuck to that bridge seven days a week for five decades, and is estimated to have produced some 182,500 photos in that time. His long run on the bridge meant that he became a fixture, a famed local in Dublin.” http://www.popphoto.com/news/2013/08/documentary-aims-to-explore-photographer-who-worked-one-spot-50-years

PHOTO: Arthur Fields

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It is oft-said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that couldn't be more true when it comes to art. Street photography is one such example - itself a curious beast - it's hard to put a finger on what makes a truly outstanding street photo. This particular pastime has grown in popularity during the past decade as the tools for the job have become smaller and decent results can be had for relatively little expenditure.
PHOTO: Matt Farrington Smith

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5 Tips For Capturing Great Street Portraits – Desmond Louw It can be a bit daunting to go up to a stranger and ask them to take their photo, but after a day or two it becomes addictive! Here are some tricks that might make it a bit easier for you: http://digital-photography-school.com/5-tips-for-capturing-great-street-portraits
PHOTO: Desmond Louw

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THE BEST SHOT -- Marey Swingle: “If you've ever walked by someone on the street and wished you could capture that interesting face, expressive gesture or elaborate outfit, you've felt the same impulse as many a photographer before you. But what are the rules for taking street photography? Some are legal, some technical, and some are a combination of common sense and courtesy.” http://www.technewsdaily.com/18043-street-photography-how-to.html
PHOTO: Rohn Engh

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BLOGS TO FOLLOW -- Robert Hayes: “Okay, so these are not all strictly blogs, per se, some are websites etc. However, if you are involved in the street photography community, or wanting to get involved, these sites are good to know. http://www.bloggernews.net/129079

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CATCH AS YOU CAN -- Wading Into Weirdness on the Street. Matt McCann: “It’s another typical day: there’s a commute, work, people in the street; it’s been done before, and it can be expected to happen again tomorrow. But for Stephen McLaren, these seemingly humdrum routines are packed with weirdness. He’s the guy with a camera, a wry sensibility and a measure of both luck and patience; a San Francisco-based street photographer of Scottish extraction whose work feels like a field guide to how normal things can be really odd, contradictory — and visually rich.” http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/03/25/wading-into-weirdness-on-the-street/#/1/

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TAKE MY PICTURE -- The Explosion of ‘Street Style’ Fashion Photography
DL CADE: “The rise of a plethora of fashion blogs has led, almost inevitably, to the rise of a style of fashion photography known as “street style.” The all-access blogging medium gave photography enthusiasts who admired what legends like Bill Cunningham do a way to break into the industry and share both their opinions and pictures.” SOURCE: http://www.petapixel.com/2013/03/17/documentary-explores-the-ramifications-of-street-style-fashion-photography/

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Street Photography That’s Different. Going Beyond the Face. Michael Ernest Sweet: “Street photography is hard. Damn hard. Probably most any other genre of photography is easier in that it has more deliberate procedures, guidelines, technical requirements etc. It’s also far easier to create distinctive work in other genres too. See how people in studios or those doing portraits are not only producing more professional looking work, generally speaking, but also produce more distinctive images. So how do we get this in the streets?

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RESURRECTION Garry Winogrand's Photography Retrospective Brings 250,000 Unknown Images To San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, When street photographer Garry Winogrand passed away unexpectedly at 56 years old, he left behind approximately 250,000 images he'd never even seen. Because the extremely prolific photographer delayed editing his images, his oeuvre remained largely unexamined for years.
TAKEAWAY: Garry Winogrand's work remained undiscovered for years. Take hope, you might be next. Don't toss anything away.
PHOTO: Garry Winogrand

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Alice Truong: “Meet Travis Jensen: The pro photographer who shoots with an iPhone. Street photographer Travis Jensen talks to us about how he uses his iPhone and Hipstamatic to document life on the streets of San Francisco.”

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Where To Find The Good Stuff - Andrew Kochanowski: ‘"Street photographers" tend to dislike the very term, but, having failed to mint a better phrase, it will just have to do. Whether you blame the Internet or limitless card capacity, there are now literally tens of thousands of photographers publicly taking a crack at it.
looking for something un-posed and not newsworthy to photograph? Nick did. It looked easy, too—all those quirky juxtapositions, geometric assemblies, and sneaky body parts. Suddenly, street photography was no longer the province of cranky loners dipping Tri-X in their bathroom. No, what we got instead was a flood of Tri-X-y stuff with Magnum-sized watermarks. And much of it descended on Flickr and other open sites as soon as bandwidth got cheap.

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What Makes A Great Street Photographer And How Do We Create Them? - James Maher: “Great street photographs say something about life; they speak to us; they fill us with an emotion; or they give us insight.They are not about light; they are not about shapes or forms; they are not about faces http://digital-photography-school.com/what-makes-a-great-street-photograph-and-how-do-we-create-them#ixzz2AMfPTGTU
PHOTO: James Maher

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Digital Cameras for Street Photography: An Opinionated Buying Guide - Mason Resnick: "What's the best digital camera for street photography? I can't afford a Leica" is one of the most common questions I've gotten from fellow street photographers and students. After years of conducting Street Photo Stress Tests, here are my personal favorite street photography digital camera/lens/accessory combos. http://www.adorama.com/alc/0013731/article/Digital-Cameras-for-Street-Photography-An-Opinionated-Buying-Guide

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Everything You Need To Know About Street Photography - Adam Monaghan: "You don’t have to go far to have a photographic adventure. In fact, there’s a world of opportunity right outside your door. Street photography has been around for nearly 100 years and it remains a genre that touches upon all aspects of our lives; ethics, humour, tragedy, creativity, fashion, architecture, technology. http://conversations.nokia.com/2012/10/04/everything-you-need-to-know-about-street-photography/
PHOTO: Adam Monaghan

STREET SHY -- Seven Steps to Get Over Your Fear of Street Photography – (James Maher) Photographing people on the streets candidly from close distances can be petrifying, especially if you’re naturally introverted like I am. So if you’re completely new to street photography or haven’t had much practice with it, what is the process or the techniques to help you get over your fears? Ultimately, time and practice is the only true way to do it, but there many steps you can take to make it easier on yourself from the very beginning. http://digital-photography-school.com/7-steps-to-get-over-your-fear-of-street-photography
PHOTO: James Maher

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IN PUBLIC -- 12 tips to become a better smartphone photographerDaphne Sashan: “Wondering how to get the most of your smartphone camera? Is there more to mobile photography than filters to make your pictures look better than they really are?
Multimedia journalist and iPhone street photographer Richard Koci Hernandez recently joined the CNN iReport community on Facebook for a chat about how to become a better smartphone photographer.
PHOTO: Richard Koci Hernandez

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BUS RIDE -- Photographers document bus riders’ stories. Robyn Wisch: “Two Omaha photographers took to the city bus system for their latest art project. The exhibit, Conversations on a Bus, opens Friday as Omaha Creative Week heads to a close.”
PHOTO: Hooton Images

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ZONE FOCUSING-- -- The Ultimate Guide to Zone Focusing for Candid Street Photography – James Maher: Capturing strangers candidly, yet tack sharp, is probably the toughest technical skill to learn in street photography. Often, you are presented with a moment so quickly that your reaction time is severely tested. It is so tough to frame correctly, focus correctly, and capture a spontaneous shot at the right moment, all while trying to keep things candid. The solution? Learning to zone focus. http://digital-photography-school.com/ultimate-guide-to-zone-focusing-for-candid-street-photography

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POSTING BOOBS -- The Best Photographer on Instagram Got Banned for For This. Adrian Chen: “The popular smartphone photo app has unleashed an army of amateur street photographers on the world. Daniel Arnold was one of the best, producing a stream of brilliantly voyeuristic snapshots of New York City streets—that is, he was until he got banned for posting boobs.

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Eric Kim: “10 Things Magnum Photographer David Hurn Can Teach You About Street Photography. This article is going to be aimed at the top things I learned from reading the book. Now read on and see what you can learn from David Hurn and Bill Jay!”

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The Five ‘F’s of Street Photography. Street photographer John Free shares a system he’s developed to take the confusion and guesswork out of practicing street photography, called “the five Fs”. (Video) Source: http://www.petapixel.com/2012/05/24/the-five-fs-of-street-photography/

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SECRETS -- Every Aspiring Street Photographer Should Know – James Maher: “Street photography ain’t easy. It’s a fast moving world out there and it takes a lot of practice to be able to capture it well. Here are some tips to help you seek out great content for your photos, so that they are interesting and powerful..” http://digital-photography-school.com/7-secrets-every-aspiring-street-photographer-should-know
PHOTO: James Maher

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Robert Doisneau -- Alex Fitzpatrick:Google Doodle honors his 5 best collections of photography. “Born April 14, 1912, Doisneau was one of the original street photographers — he wandered the streets of Paris snapping away with his Leica camera decades before thousands of Brooklyn’s hipsters would do the same throughout Williamsburg”. http://mashable.com/2012/04/14/google-doodle-robert-doisneau/

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Interview: John Lund talks with Josh Wattles of deviantArt about the social netowrkng site and its new collection of photos now available through Fotolia. http://blog.johnlund.com/2012/03/joash-wattles-advisor-in-chief-to.html?

PHOTO: tolgatacmahal

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The Naked and the Dead: Weegee’s Lessons for Today. Edward Tenner:“Weegee’s work has been shown many times during his life and beyond, but Murder Is My Business, a new retrospective at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York, which holds his archive, displays a side of his life that has received too little notice: He was a brilliant strategist as well as a passionate observer of humanity, and his story offers an object lesson in dealing creatively with challenges.” http://www.american.com/archive/2012/february/the-naked-and-the-dead-weegees-lessons-for-today
PHOTO: Weegee

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STREET SMARTS LEARNING -- Beginner Street Photography Workshops. Lindsey: “Find out the best camera settings for street photography and get invaluable tips and hints for boosting your confidence ‘shooting people’ in public without fear. Themed challenges will help train new photographer eyes to notice the quirky detail that makes street photography so ace.” http://londonist.com/2012/02/we-shoot-people-beginner-street-photography-workshops.php
PHOTO: Dimitri Stepanenko

FOCUS -- Eric Kim ~ (In your face with a smile!) Valerie Jardin: “If you shoot street photography, you have most likely heard of California based photographer Eric Kim. He is so active in the social media and blogging world that it is virtually impossible to miss him and his big grin. Who is the person behind the Leica? I had the pleasure to ask him a few questions recently.” http://www.digital-photography-school.com/focus-on-street-photographer-eric-kim-in-your-face-with-a-smile

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PROFILE -- Gary Cohen started his career in photography at the age of 8. He enjoyed the magic of pressing a button and seeing that image come to life moments later. This curiosity hasn’t been dampened even though the technology has gotten better (and more expensive). SOURCE: Lenna Staples: http://shootthestreet.com/post/14063202775/photographer-profile-gary-cohen?fc634ba0

Once Def Jam's "Fourth Beastie Boy," now a NYC Street Photography Legend--meet Ricky Powell. Famed photographer and historian Ricky Powell is curating an exhibit of iconic photography by an all-star group of shutterbugs.

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Photographer Profile: Charlie Colmer “A long time ago, whilst studying at Camberwell Art College, I discovered photography through the works of Cartier-Bresson, Bill Brandt and Lartigue. And when I should have been in class, I often found myself wandering the streets of London, camera in hand, attempting to emulate the images of the masters.”
PHOTO: Charlie Colmer

RULE WON’T CHANGE -- Mike DeBonis: “Washington, D.C.revisited street photography regulations recently. An update on those obscure street-photography regulations: In response to objections from the National Press Photographers Association, Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan said the licensing regime for commercial street photographers will stay.

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Book Review: Vivien Maier: Street Photographer, Edited by John Maloof, with an Essay by Geoff Dyer; Pat Padua: “Real estate agent John Maloof was researching a book on the history of Chicago's Northwest side when he purchased a group of photographic negatives at a storage unit auction. Maloof hoped to ask the photographer for tips, but sadly, when he finally came across the person's name, a Google search came up with just one item: an obituary published just days earlier.”
PHOTO: Viveine Meier

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PROFILE: Johannes Kick -- “I was born in Weiden, Germany, in 1985. I studied in Zittau where I am still living. I work for a software company, so I am not a full-time photographer.”
PHOTO: Johannes Kick

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NEW FREEDOM IN U.K. – Olivier Laurent: “A new set of guidelines has been published for security guards, who, in an increasing number of cases, have been accused of preventing professional photographers from working in public places.
Security guards have no right to prevent street photography,’ says Home OfficeMore than a year after Home Secretary Theresa May launched a review of the UK's counter-terrorims and security powers,
Read more: http://www.bjp-online.com/british-journal-of-photography/news/2123186/-security-guards-prevent-street-photography-home-office

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Ellen Freilich: “NY exhibit pays homage to documentary photographers. Compelling portraits of everyday life drawn from the streets of New York City form the heart of a new exhibit . The Jewish Museum. The exhibit runs through March 25, 2012 and then will travel to other U.S. cities. SOURCE: Reuters; http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/11/01/uk-exhibit-photoleague-idUSLNE7A004S20111101

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-- Eric Kim: "How 6 Minutes Made a Difference. Liam McHenry, a street photographer from Australia (and one of my private online street photography students), put together this insightful video shooting about an encounter he had with a teenage boy in a suburb. To sum up the video, Liam photographed a boy who got really upset about Liam taking the shot. The boy started cursing at Liam, and wouldn’t calm down. After chatting with the boy, the boy realized how special he was in being the subject of Liam’s viewfinder.
Source: Eric Kim http://erickimphotography.com/blog/2011/10/how-6-minutes-changed-everything-by-liam-mchenry/