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CAPTURING WAR. -- James Nachtwey Opens Up At LOOK3 Festival - Nachtwey's many
close calls

during his long and distinguished career are familiar stories among fellow

war photographers.


ORIENT EXPRESSIVE The Insider's Guide to Shooting in China - This is a very
politically sensitive country. PDNOnline talked to ten photographers who have
shot in mainland China to get their tips for those new to the country.


TAKEAWAY: China is no longer the landscape of Pearl Buck or Chiang Kai-shek

HE SHOULD GET AN OLYMPIC MEDAL FOR THAT. Jim Olive (jim@stockyard.com) gained
access to the Beijing Olympic 2008 National Stadium. “Understand, the
stadium has a minimum of four fences surrounding it with heavy security, you
can't get past the 1st one, I know, I tried more than once. I gotta tell you,
the escort was right, I was very, very lucky to get these photos. The architecture
is insane and definitely a showstopper. Take a look and tell me what you think.


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