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The Case of the Undeleting Photo
For the most part, when you delete a photo from your digital camera or computer, itís really deleted. Sure, you may have the Recycle Bin on your computer and could get it back, but if youíre like most of us, you keep the Recycle Bin pretty well emptied. And for purposes of this discussion, weíll not mention the backup files youíve maintained all these years.
So, hereís an experiment you can try yourself. Upload a photo to Facebook. Make a copy of the actual URL of the photo (not the page that contains the photo). Then, delete the photo after a day or so. One month later, use the URL and see if the photo is still there.
Thereís a very good chance it will be. But, how can that be if you deleted it 30 days ago?
Researchers at Cambridge found that nearly half of the social networking sites donít immediately remove photos when requested to do so. Why? The reason has to do with the way big sites are managed.
To speed response, the content is replicated across many servers, often in diverse geographical locations. Thus, it can take a while for all the copies to be deleted.
Photo-centric sites like Flickr are quicker to remove all those copies. And of course, once the photo gets out into the world (i.e., the broader Internet), consider it out of your control.
Then, thereís the Wayback Machine ( http://www.archive.org ), which archives web pages practically forever (although they do honor owner removal requests).

Love Photoshop But Too Expensive?
Hereís a free alternative: http://www.gimp.org
Hereís a comment I found on eFLuxMedia: Probably the most powerful free image editor available is GiMP, an open source program that now rivals Photoshop in features and usability, many believe. GiMP offers a customizable user interface, so you can set it up to provide you with just the features you need so that you're not overwhelmed with options.
GiMP has its own plug?in system, and over 100 free plug?ins are already available. What's more, you can use GiMP to open and save files in formats supported by most other image editing software, including Photoshop.
If you give it a try, let us know what you think about it
. 1 800 624 0266.
TiVo Is Watching You!
What a shock it was to TiVo users a few years back when they collectively discovered that their viewing habits were being recorded and uploaded to TiVoís computers for detailed analysis and aggregation.
Now, TiVo is set to launch a local version of its StopWatch ratings service, in its escalating battle with Nielsen for TV viewer demographics.
This service is scheduled to start with the Fall TV season. They can track second-by-second whether commercials are being watched or fast-forwarded. Just which markets it will monitor is not yet determined.

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