08 Jul, 2009 | Posted by: photosource

NEW OPTION. MakingMoneyWithPictures.com debuted recently and offers tips for people to sell their photos online, as well as the necessary equipment. MakingMoneyWithPictures.com is a part of KJW Enterprises LLC, which is owned and operated by Jeremy and Keely Walker. The website added a new blog to its many features. Burgeoning entrepreneurs Jeremy and Keely Walker, of Marion KY, realized the focus for their business in a rather inconspicuous way: "My wife and I became interested in photography when we started taking pictures of our daughters," said Jeremy Walker. "After a while, we got pretty good making them and decided to sell photos online. t's not difficult to have a photography business at home," he said. "It's a matter of knowing how to get your name and your pictures out there." Walker has also started a new blog this summer, www.TheCameraGuru.com , to provide additional helpful hints that aren't covered on the website. "We're going to be posting tips on taking pictures and things that would help them with their technique," he said. "I think our goal is to let people know that it doesn't have to be professional, per se, it just has to mean something to that person." www.MakingMoneyWithPictures.com


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