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by Bill Hopkins

Taxes Affecting Associates
As more and more states pass or update laws to tax Internet sales shipped to their states, more and more Internet merchants are pulling the plug. At least for their associates. Amazon has now terminated their associate program in several states. Among the latest to receive word are North Carolina, Rhode Island and Hawaii. States are trying to close budget gaps by finding new (and sometimes novel) ways to collect additional sales taxes. Previously, if a state collected sales taxes (some don=t) it would only collect if the business had a physical presence in the stateBthe "brick and mortar" approach. Now laws are being passed/proposed to collect sales taxes if the merchant has any affiliates in their state, a decidedly different tack.


I suppose you could always ask your (or another=s) kid to decipher this for you, but when that resource is unavailable (or you suspect the shorthand is inappropriate) you can always go here: http://www.netlingo.com/acronyms.php Another site is dtxtr.com, which offers translations of "teen speak" to "english" (4col, they can't even capitalize "English.") I kinda like this one, 404. I'm sure your Internet browsing has shown this to you more than once. What does it mean in texting? "I haven't got a clue." How true. And watch out for these: 9, 99. CUOL.

12 Outdated Tech Terms
With a nod to George Carlin, here are twelve outdated technology terms, at least according to Business Week (there are dissenting points of view). Intranet, extranet, web surfing, push technology, Application Service Provider (ASP), Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Internet telephony, weblog, thin client, RBOC, long-distance call, World Wide Web. To understand why these terms are considered outdated, please visit http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/aug2009/tc20090824_902851.htm

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