11 Nov, 2009 | Posted by: photosource

PORTFOLIO PUSH Getty Images Launches "Call for Artists" on Flickr - Literally thousands of Flickr photographers have been invited thus far (the Flickr/Getty private member only contributor group on Flickr counts over 12,000 members) there wasn't really a way for a photographer to try and be included in the program if they didn't get a Flickr invite. Until today. A "Call for Artists" will provide the Flickr community with a forum to "pitch" their work for the collection.

EYE-TO-EYE Photographer Jillian Edelstein, famous for her portraits of stars from Woody Allen, Kate Moss and Daniel Day Lewis to Nelson Mandela, is undertaking a photography project unlike any other she has attempted before. She plans to capture 121 eyes http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/daily/091109-photographer-jillian-edelsteins-ey.aspx


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