15 Dec, 2009 | Posted by: photosource

PICK A SPECIALTY YOU LOVE -- Why You Should Market Yourself as a Specialist - Even If You're a Generalist - If you portray yourself as a generalist - by defining your talents broadly and mixing many types of photography on your Web site - you may well be viewed as a jack of all trades, but a master of none.
TAKEAWAY: Technology and science today make the renaissance man of the last century obsolete. Consumers today would prefer the specialist in any field, medicine, law, education, etc. The specialist can serve not only as a photographer but as a consultant to publishers.
The romance of the do-it-all photographer is fading.
Specialization might sound like a boring proposition, but it neednít be if you love the area you choose to specialize in Ė - horses, railroads, childhood education, antique airplanes, motorcycles. The photo world is getting bigger, and so are the specialization markets. -RE


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