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OLYMPIC SHOOTING– The upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada will likely provide some fierce competition and dramatic photo opportunities. Whether you plan to visit as a spectator, or enjoy photographing sports in your own hometown, you'll find good tips on taking photos of sporting events like the Olympics in this article.Read more at NYIP - Olympic Photos | Olympic Pics | NYIP http://www.nyip.com/ezine/sports/olympic-sports.html#ixzz0doeG83ia
The first question with most winter sports is this: How should you handle your camera to minimize the effect of freezing cold on its operation? We have devoted an entire article to Cold Weather Photography and we recommend that you read it.So too with downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. If you're unfamiliar with our How to Take Great Photos of Skiing and Snowboarding article, you'll find it on our Sports Photography Page. In cross-country skiing, don't overlook the opportunity for a picture of the mob start, like this picture.Read more at NYIP - Olympic Photos | Olympic Pics | NYIP
http://www.nyip.com/ezine/sports/olympic-sports.html SOURCE:New YorkInstituteofPhotography
downhill skiing
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