10 Mar, 2010 | Posted by: photosource

PHOTO OR NON-PHOTO? -- When Is Photoshop too much? Some photographers always say: "Don't worry, I can solve it in Photoshop". In this instance, is he still a photographer or just a digital artist? What do you think?
Alton Design/Entertainment/Creative services: The question is meaningless until one defines the task and the priorities. Art photography? The priority is aesthetics and the issue is taste. No one cares how you get your result as long as it works artistically. Journalistic photography? Big difference. Now the priority is accuracy and the difference is ethics. One's contract with the viewer is different. Either way, it's time journalists quit making a fetish of Adobe's product. Photo processing and manipulation have been with us for years. The issues raised are the same no matter which tools are used.
SOURCE: Leonard Goh; CRAVE: http://asia.cnet.com/crave/2010/03/02/when-is-photoshop-too-much-/


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