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TRACK THOSE INFRINGERS – Eventually, photobuyers of all types will soon need to be aware and be required to fulfill a "diligent search" for rights associated with photos they find and plan to use at websites, graphic houses, books and magazines. When a potential buyer stumbles upon a photo they possibly could use, whether on a website or through searching a browser or stock agency online catalog, PicScout software can determine who owns the image through software called PicScout ImageExchange It also includes details how to license the image. A new product defeats any excuses for not doing the ‘right thing’ and licensing digital rights of the image. It fits perfectly with the requirements the upcoming “Orphan” bills are likely to impose. The ImageExchange can be installed using Firefox here: http://imageexchange.picscout.com/interest.php Explorer and Safari versions will release soon. PicScout has been tracking infringement cases since 2005 and estimates that 80 percent of images used at commercial sites are infringements. SOURCE: More info: Suzanne Matick; Public Relations for PicScout; suzanne[at]matick[dot]net; 831-479-1888 www.picscout.com 12ORPHAN

WORKS UPDATE -- “ Stop43.org.uk “- Because the British government has failed to address photographers' concerns and is trying to rush this legislation through Parliament without the opportunity for proper debate or amendments to clause 43 (formerly S42), getting S43 removed from the Bill is necessary. http://www.stop43.org.uk http://copyrightaction.com/blog/stop43-org-uk12

IMPROVING YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. Talk to the IP Czar - Victoria Espinel is the U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, her job is to help coordinate the work of the federal agencies that are involved with stopping illegal behavior related to intellectual property, including copyrights. Her office has requested the public to provide information about the costs and the risks along with suggestions for what the government can do to help. http://www.photoattorney.com/?p=1129 http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2010/02/23/intellectual-property-and-risks-public


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