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Apps and Your

Photographic Dreams

By Lee Foster

Occasionally a new technology emerges that can have a dramatic effect on the way we realize our dreams. That's happening today,with the new technology of apps.

Chances are you have dreams of publishing your photography.

You also enjoy seeing the photography of others. I share those dreams.

Rohn Engh helps you achieve your dream with his publication, of PhotoStockNOTES. Rohn is aware of the new technology and has asked me to pen a new column for you, called Apps, Ebooks, and Your Photography, to appear on the first Thursday of each month.

Like you, I have dreamed of publishing my photography in printed books. I have had success with this.

My most recent books are The Photographer’s Guide to San Francisco: Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them http://bit.ly/sanfranbook

I also published a parallel volume, The Photographer’s Guide to Washington,D.C http://bit.ly/washdcbook

But are there possibilities now for publishing our photos in an entirely different way, beyond books? Yes, there are. It's the technology of apps and Ebooks. You can create an app and sell it in the Apple iTunes App Store. Apps are different from books, and we'll explore those differences.

My first two apps are San Francisco Travel Photo Guide
http://www.sutromedia.com/apps/sfphotoguide and D.C. Travel Photo Guide

You can get a free account in the Apple iTunes App Store and browse around, seeing all the photography and travel apps available now for the i Phone. Eventually, different versions of apps will be readable on all mobile devices. If you have a cell phone, there are apps in your future.
A lot of questions are likely to emerge in your mind. We'll consider them as this column unfolds. This is a big subject, and we can't get it all said in a short space.

What is an apps? What if I don't have an iPhone or iPod? Can I make an apps myself or do I need a publisher? What special functionality in app software makes apps unlike regular books? How will things change as Google and its Android phone system for viewing apps becomes a bigger player?

So, let's begin our ongoing conversation on this exciting subject. I guarantee you one thing: The new technology of apps and Ebooks will dramatically change in positive ways your opportunity to publish your photography and enjoy the photography of others.

Lee Foster is an awarding-winning travel photographer and
writer, winner of eight Lowell Thomas Awards. Lee publishes 200 worldwide travel photo/writing coverages to consumers and to content buyers on his Foster Travel Publishing website at http://www.fostertravel.com
There you can see his photos, writing, books, and apps. His photo selling site is at http://stockphotos.fostertravel.com


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