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YOU PAYS FOR WHAT YOU GITS -- It's Time to Set a Price Floor for Rights-Managed Photography - Is it time to institute a system of floor prices for the use of rights-managed images for editorial purposes? Is there any price so low that the image creator would prefer not to make the sale? Given where pricing based on usage seems to be headed - particularly for editorial usages - it is time to start asking these questions. http://rising.blackstar.com/its-time-to-set-a-price-floor-for-rights-managed-photography.html
TAKEAWAY: Photo editors license images not because they like them but because they need them. No one has invented a substitute for imagery. Pictures have always been with us, even on the walls of caves in pre-historic times.
The days of small supply and great demand of the 90’s is gone. It’s reversed. Thanks to search engines and keywords, photobuyers can now efficiently find the specific picture they need.
Photographers will soon start realizing that if they build a deep selection of images in one specialty area of their choice that they love photographing in and are comfortable with and have knowledge about, buyers will rush to them worldwide whenever they require that particular specialty. This is called “brand marketing”. The old way of trying to sell all kinds of beautiful fruit from a single wagon is gone.

FOLLOW THROUGH -- John Lund: “A Little extra effort can make a big difference. I was perusing my sales database last night looking for insights into which of my images are selling the best. I noticed that an image of an audience, on a balcony in a theater, giving a standing ovation is doing quite well…over $500.00 in the last several months. I remember shooting the photo, and that it almost didn’t happen.”


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