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Do You Safari?

If you're using Apple's Safari browser, you might want to turn off the feature, on by default, that automatically completes online forms.
And be sure you have installed the latest updates. While most browsers have a similar auto-complete feature whereby you start typing in a form field and the browser will attempt to automatically fill out the rest of the form for you, Safari pulls some of its data from your computer's address book, with the potential for websites to gather names, email addresses, and other info from anyone who visits a website designed to collect this info. To disable this feature, select "Autofill" from the preferences menu and uncheck the boxes on that page. This issue has apparently been around for a while, and a fix is in the works, or may even be out by now. So, if you use Safari, make sure you have the latest Safari browser software.

Hardware Virus

If you're using Dell PowerEdge servers R310,R410, R510 or T410 and have recently had the motherboard replaced, you should contact Dell for a possible replacement. Turns out that some of those motherboards are infected with malware that could allow access to data stored on the server. All stock of these motherboards at Dell are now clean, and they are contacting affected customers. A Dell spokeswoman said that the malware was old and easily spotted by security programs.

First Still, Now Movies

Kodak has said that its movie-film business is shrinking faster that expected. Along with that, the higher profit margins that film enjoys over digital are also going away. One thing that is helping Kodak is their intellectual property income and income from sales of commercial and consumer inkjet printers.

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