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OUT ON THE STREET -- Ten Tips for the Aspiring Street Photographer. Kim: ďLetís face it, starting street photography is no easy task. For the average photographer, going from shooting flowers into shooting people in the streets is like stepping into a Ferrari after driving a Toyota Prius. It is intimidating at first, but quite exhilarating once you try it out. After shooting on the streets for about four years, here are my top ten tips for somebody (with absolutely no background in street photography) to get their feet wet.
SOURCE: Eric Kim http://www.digital-photography-school.com/10-tips-for-the-aspiring-street-photographer#ixzz0ybNpAoM5

PHOTO: Eric Kim
Check this one out for sure. You'll find some inspiring editorial photos. Many of them were probably set up to illiustrate an idea.
Be sure to read the comments on this one also if you're an aspiring to be an editorial photographer. Too bad that so many photographers are misinformed about what is legal and what is not about taking pictures in public. (Street photography) Of course, as you already know, the short answer is the publisher, not the photographer is hit with a suit, and you'll be happy to hear that over the last century (yes, 100 years) there have been very few publishers hit with any fine(s).
Why? Because they know their First Amendment Rights. (Freedom of the Press). They continually protect it with their bevy of attorneys.
Also, the reality is people who "sue" go after people with deep pockets, not street photographers.
I hope this has opened a window and let some fresh air in on this subject (in case you can't take pictures freely in public) and helped you re- gain your First Amendment Rights. -Rohn


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