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Demographers tell us that in a mobile society, we can expect most people to have a new address every five years. Here at PhotoSource International, we certainly find that to be true when we make a mailing to photographers on our database. Photographers move a lot.
If you have moved recently, itís important to personally let your buyers and clients know your new address. Donít rely on the U.S. Postal Service to do the job for you.
In our day and age, technology offers ways we can make sure to stay on top for our buyers, even during the transition of a move. Your email address and 800# can remain the same, independent of any changes in your mailing address. You wonít lose touch with your photobuyers if you have one or the other or both.
A while back, I experienced another way that photobuyers can find photographers.
Nancy Ritz, Photo coordinator at Prentice Hall, the book publishing company, wrote to me a while back, saying she was returning one of my photos (an original B&W 8X10) that her company had used in one of their textbooks. She pointed out that theyíve filed a digitized copy of the photo, and the number stamped on the back of the print is the database designation from the Corporate Digital Archive (CDA) of their parent company, Simon & Schuster. She said in her letter, ďYou are listed as the photographer.Ē In 2006, Simon & Schuster became a part of the CBS Corporation. Now my photo is indexed in the vaults of CBS,
Itís nice to know computers, databases, and mergers of large publishing houses can have a beneficial reward for independent photographers. My digitized photo will probably remain in their CDA a long time.
And itís nice to know that photo, taken in 1978 (thirty years ago), is in an archive that might one day benefit not only me but also my grandchildren, and possibly their grandchildren. ĖRE


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