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Printers Canít Fly

Not welcome on the plane?
So, technically, itís toner and ink cartridges that have now been banned from aircraft. The TSA (Transportation Security Agency) now bans any toner and ink cartridges weighing more than 16 oz. from passenger aircraft in carry-on and checked luggage on both domestic and international flights due to the recent discovery of explosives contained within toner cartridges found on inbound international flights.
I wonder if they are going to weigh each one, or use the manufacturerís weight rating. Scales at security checkpoints? That ought to speed up passenger loading.

Secure E-mail from the Post Office

Weíve all received the spam, from time to time, that our USPS will start charging for e-mail since using e-mail has cut deeply into their business of delivering paper mail. Of course, itís not true. However, Germany has figured out a way to make e-mail a profit center. Security and privacy are a much bigger deal in Europe than here at home (so weíre told). And Deutsche Poste faces the same declining revenue problems in its core services as the USPS. So theyíve come up with the idea of offering secure e-mail for the price of a postage stamp for a standard letter (as of this writing, thatís 75 U.S. cents). So far, theyíve registered one million users since the service began last July 2010. Customers need to register and show identity proof (a selling feature) before receiving a Deutsche Post e-mailbox, which is free. They will print out and deliver the letter to those not having the official e-mail box at no extra cost. But donít expect the USPS to soon offer a similar serviceóthere are laws that restrict what the postal service can do.

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