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SKI IMAGES WANTED -- It’s all about great images! Cross Country Magazine prides itself on finding the best photography in the sport and presenting it to the world in a well-designed, high-quality magazine for the free flying community’s enjoyment. http://www.xcmag.com/2011/02/cross-country-magazine-wants-your-best-photos/

-- Cutcaster has completed a picture buyer survey. The survey was answered by 344 image users mostly in the US and Canada who use royalty free or rights-managed images ? Cutcaster will be releasing more data from this picture buyer survey shortly, A preliminary report can be found here: http://blog.cutcaster.com/2011/02/10/picture-buyer-stats-released-market-information-for-online-image-users/
Here are the answers to this question: “What category best describes the type of company or organization for which you work?” 25.3% were from books, magazines, or newspapers; 5.3% were from corporate; 6.7% we from ad agencies; 13.5% were from graphic design firms.

DON’T GO BACKWARDS -- Scott Bourne: “What Photographers Can Learn From Borders’ Bankruptcy Filing - What is the lesson for those of us in the photo industry? We need to adapt, change and overcome." SOURCE: GOING PRO http://goingpro2010.com/2011/02/18/what-photographers-can-learn-from-borders-bankruptcy-filing/


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