13 Apr, 2011 | Posted by: st

BAROMETER -- A brief peek . A new company called Piclet says they aim to: ‘bring together those who truly love photography and the Internet for innovation, collaboration and a fair distribution of the benefits and profits.’ They have published an infograph about how Corbis and Getty have gobbled up the smaller agencies and left independants out in the cold. http://www.piclet.com
TAKEAWAY: Saying only the best photographers should be published and make money is like saying “only the best musicians should be recorded,” or “only the best painters should be hung in the galleries.” For anyone with a sensitive eye, the automatic controls on cameras today make it very easy to capture a good publishable picture.
Cameras are no longer the primary tools for the photography industry. The major tool in this new millennium is the search engine. Who took the picture no longer counts. What is important are good ol’ fashioned business principles: meeting deadlines, customer service, and knowledge about the product. -RE


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