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Rohn Engh: " I had a chance to watch a stock photographer in action the other day. She was in her 30’s, efficient, energetic, -and a mother.

How do I know?"

Because while she was stuffing equipment back in her carrying case, she smiled over at me and said, “Gotta get back to my kids.” Because she didn’t say, “our kids,” I assumed she was a single mother. Maybe not.

And I thought, hmmmm… that’s a load of work and responsibility to put on a person, even if she has a husband to help with the burden. The task of completing an assignment, and then the at-home workflow and follow-through, plus nurturing 3 kids. How does she do it?

We sometimes forget that women in the workplace have more than a 9 to 5 duty ahead of them every waking morning. And the entrepreneur/freelancer faces extra financial responsibilities.

To help out, I’m going to offer the mothers among us the PhotoDaily or PhotoLetter Marketletters at ˝ price over the Mother’s Day weekend. That’s a $137.50 savings on the PhotoLetter, and a $187.50 savings on the PhotoDaily. If you are a mother, or are part of a photography household where one partner is a mother, we welcome you to subscribe, re-subscribe, or extend your subscription to the PhotoLetter or PhotoDaily at this special Half-Price Discount.


This offer will be available each day of the Mother’s Day weekend, May 6th, 7th, or 8th. We’ve made a special order form where you can sign up by credit card, check, or PayPal.* Sign up online or give us a call at 800 624-0266 ext. 21.

Use the coupon code: mom

..in awe of all mothers, Happy Mothers Day!

Rohn Engh

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