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GET NOTICED -- How We Hire Photographers: New York Magazine - Allen Murabayashi: “Ashley Macknica has worked as a freelance photo editor at Jane Magazine and New York Magazine. In part two of our webinar series entitled How We Hire Photographers, Ashley discusses the importance of persistence and "repetitive exposure" in getting a photo editor's attention.” http://blog.photoshelter.com/2011/05/how-we-hire-photographers-new-york-magazine.html

COOL BACKGROUNDS -- Adam Dachis “Make a DIY Texture Projector to Give Your Photos Cool Backgrounds on the Cheap. If you take portraits, or would like to, one of the problems you'll often need to solve is getting yourself some good and interesting backgrounds. Here's a neat DIY project that uses a cardboard box and a few other items to solve the problem on the
cheap.” http://lifehacker.com/#!5796813/make-a-diy-texture-project-to-give-your-photos-cool-backgrounds-on-the-cheap

PRECISION -- Capturing action. LEGENDARY PHOTOGRAPHER Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the phrase 'the decisive moment' where all the elements come together for a split second, at which time the image must be made. In sports photography there is a moment where all the elements line up for maximum impact, and in people photography, even in travel photography, the same principles apply. SOURCE: Nick Rains

BETTER FISHING PHOTOS -- Benbow: “O'Keefe provided a good seminar on making better photographs at the recent Federation of Fly Fishers fair in Ellensburg. SOURCE: Mike Benbow

VIBRANT STILL LIFE -- 27 Creative Examples of Still Life photography. Still life photography is an opposite concept of the action photography... SOURCE: Radwa; http://www.graphicmania.net/27-creative-examples-of-still-life-photography/


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