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IMPROVING YOUR TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS -- SG: “Most travelers want to show off their photographs and have decent reminders of a great adventure. If the travel photography is dismal, your trip might seem to have been less than extraordinary.”
SOURCE: Suzy Guese; http://blog.onetravel.com/travel-tips/improving-your-travel-photography-skills.aspx

MORE UNIQUE TRAVEL Photos -- 6 Ways. http://blog.onetravel.com/image.axd?picture=2011%2f5%2fCamera_OT.jpg
SOURCE: NeilTa ; http://www.digital-photography-school.com/6-ways-to-capture-more-unique-travel-photos#ixzz1MCZnwhVA

LAPTOPS FOR TRAVEL -- If you’re traveling for longer than a two week holiday, using a camera with a sensor 10MP or higher to shoot your photographs and are planning to shoot lots of photographs, then carrying enough memory cards for your trip my not be practical, cost affective or secure. SOURCE: Abby; http://www.travelphotographyschool.com/laptops-travel-photography


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