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Name: Renata Ratajczyk

Phone: (416) 538-1087

Email: renatara8[at]gmail[dot]com

Dates#1: 14-18 June, 2011

Destination#1: Rome and area, Italy

Dates#2: 20-30 June, 2011

Destination#2: Warsaw, Breslaw and possibly other locations in Poland.

Comments: I plan to take lots of pictures in Rome and area like for example
in Tivoli - Villa di Este, Villa Adriana, and to photograph some other
location close to Rome. Then I will be traveling to Poland mostly staying in
Warsaw, but also visiting Breslaw and area. I might also go to other
locations. I am open to accepting assignments and special requests to take
pictures for you.

If you need pictures from Poland, you might also like to contact me about
thousands of images from this country I already have in my stock photography

To see some samples of my travel work, please visit one of my travel stock
portfolios at:

You will also find there more travel galleries under Galleries. Please
contact me for more info. Thank you.

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Name: Emmanuel Lacoste

Phone: 62-5674-87687

Email: lacosteemmanuel[at]yahoo[dot]com

Dates#1: June 16th 2011 June 23 2011

Destination#1: Singapore

Comments: We'll be shooting a wide variety of images in Singapore. We specialize in Asian lifestyle and travel images.
People, food, and tourist destination will top our shooting list.


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