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SECURITYYGUARDITIS -- Powerhouse: “English Heritage has once again caused uproar in the UK amateur and commercial photography community from Leeds to Leicester after demanding a man pay £100 after he took a self portrait in front of Carlisle Castle.” http://www.powerhousephoto.co.uk/english-heritage-caught-up-in-another-photography-furore-1767.html

TRY ME! A group of photographers in London have investigated how easy it is to shoot around the city. The six photographers, backed up with six videographers, attempted to take photographs around the City of London (the city's financial district), to see what resistance they encountered. The experiment, conducted as part of the London Street Photography Festival, showed several private security guards trying to impede the photographers (often with vague allusions to 'security and 'terrorism'). The Police were called in three cases, but, in each instance, the Officers were well aware of the laws concerning photography and appear to have resolved the situations amicably. http://www.dpreview.com/news/1107/11072115streetphotog.asp


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