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Did you ever wonder if your editorial images would be worth any $$$'s after youíre gone?
You donít have to wait Ďtil the public is reading your obituary to learn how valuable your editorial images are. Hereís an example. The Turnley Brothers sold their documentary collection to Corbis for $2.3 million ($3.83 per image). The Bettmann Archive (pictures from the turbulent 20ís, 30ís and 40ís) sold for $13.5 million ($1.23 per image).
Do some math: Figure each of your images at an average $2.53. An edited and keyworded collection of 50,000 images depicting life in the last century could sell for $126,000óa nice legacy to leave your heirs.
Next week I'll supply more information on how to learn more about salable historical images. --RE

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