17 Aug, 2011 | Posted by: st

If your files are bulging with unused, out-of-date B&W’s from the ‘80’s, -are you ready to toss them into the dumpster? No, you want to place them with ‘collectors’, -the people who will see them as ‘investments.’

The ‘80’s’ might be too early for some investors, especially if they are street photographs, they might ask you to come back in a couple of decades. But if you are into sports or Hollywood celebrities, pix of the 80’s might be in demand with certain collectors. A good place to start learning about photo collectors: Stephen Perloff’s THE PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTOR info@photoreview.org ; 215 757 8921. Another place: Ralph deLuca, email: Ralph[at]ralphdeluca[dot]com; (Madison, NJ) ; Want to see how all this works? http://photocentral.com
PHOTO: Rohn Engh


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