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Firefox Add-Ons
If youíre using Firefox ( http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ ) as your Internet browser, you probably already know that there are a host of add-ons available. If you, like me, use lots of tabs while browsing, Colorful Tabs is a nice addition, as is the Undo Closed Tabs button, for when you accidentally close out the wrong tab. Installing Showcase converts the AList all tabs@ feature into a windowed feature that shows all your open tabs as small versions of the viewable webpage. For those websites that seem to only work in Microsoft Internet Explorer, installing IE Tab makes it simple to open a tab using Firefoxís built-in IE engine, or to switch between Firefox and MSIE rendering of a webpage.
Another one thatís fun is Flagfox. It puts a little flag representing the country where the website is based, and it will alert you if a website is hosted in a country that does not match the websiteís domain name. Useful to help detect possible phishing schemes.
And for those bargain hunters out there (and arenít we allĖ- in these times?), thereís an add-on called RetailMeNot, which will alert you when youíve landed on a site that has online coupons, and tells you about them. It uses a weekly downloaded database to help track all those coupon codes. And we canít forget the eBay Sidebar Add-on, useful for you eBayers out there. There is also an Add-On to emulate Netscape 4.8!
To see the available add-ons in Firefox, click on Tools, Add-Ons, and then the link for Browse All Add-ons.

Another Reason To Use A Different Browser
Recently, another serious security flaw has been observed in Internet Explorer, allowing crooks to gain control of your computer. Read more here: http://tinyurl.com/6mprb4 Apparently this zero-day flaw has been around a little bit and Microsoft is considering fixing it via an emergency patch outside their regular monthly updates. So, maybe itíll be resolved by the time youíre reading this, IF you keep your system patched.

Digital Fingerprints In Your Digital Photos
Digital cameras have built-in demosaicing software which translates each pixel into a usable color and brightness signal. Nasiar Memon of the Polytechnic University in Brooklyn has discovered how to work backward and identify the camera model used to create the image. In early tests, he and his team were able to identify the camera model with 90 percent accuracy. While they canít identify an individual camera, narrowing it down to a particular model can have great forensic benefits, especially given that the typical digital camera has a shelf life of about 18 months.

More On Phishing
Phishing: The art of getting someone to give you their confidential financial information. Just a reminder, during this recession, to be even more alert to phony email and websites that purport to be from Ayour@ bank or financial institution and requesting confidential info like passwords and account numbers. Due to the great many mergers and acquisitions happening lately, this warning is especially critical. And remember, most of these bad guys and gals are very good at creating email and websites that look exactly like the real thing. Best advice: Always contact your bank using known good sources, like the website and phone numbers on your statements, rather than clicking on a link in an email. Same applies if you received an unsolicited phone call from your bank and/or credit card company.
Happy Holidays!

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