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BE PREPARED. Magazines usually work 6 months in advance when in comes to topics they plan to feature. How do you find what these topics are going to be? Check out the magazine’s advertising section on the Web. That’s where they publish their “Editorial Calendar”. The editorial calendar outlines the topics to be covered in the magazine for the next twelve months. The reason they do this is they want to sell advertising more effectively. Their promotion might say, “In July we are doing a special section on trout fishing. If your product has to do in some way with trout fishing (vacations, clothing, equipment, etc.) this would be a great issue to be in.” This gives you a full twelve months to prepare now to make on-target photos in your specialization area and submit to the magazine early for consideration for that particular issue.

GETTING TO KNOW YOU -- Marketing Campaigns for Wedding Photographers – Say Hello to Everyone – M.S. “It’s not just about saying hi to random strangers in the street but actually being the one to start a conversation with the people you meet in your day to day life. You can help start these conversations by wearing branded shirts or publicly editing in coffee shops. Sometimes just carrying a camera with you is enough but try and look for signs of people’s interest.” SOURCE: Michael Shilling http://currentphotographer.com/marketing-campaigns-for-photographers-say-hello-to-everyone/

WHAT THEY THINK -- How to Make Contact With Photo Editors: Four Tell Us How – C.B.: “Since editorial publishers are a target market for many outdoor photographers, we decided to contact some photo editors of leading magazines and ask for their advice on how best to approach and market to them. SOURCE: Charlie Borland ; http://www.pronaturephotographer.com/2011/08/how-to-make-contact-with-photo-editors-four-tell-us-how/

SELLING AT ART SHOWS -- L.B.: “You’ve been taking pictures for years. Maybe showing your prints to friends and family members and they constantly give you positive feedback and tell you how much they love your photography. Telling you that you should be selling professionally, but where to start? “ SOURCE: Larry Berman. SHUTTERBUG ; http://artshowphoto.com/pages/artshowphotography.htm
PHOTO: Larry Berman


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