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Creating Videos

to Improve Your App/Ebook/Website

By Lee Foster

Once you have an app, ebook, or website product on the market, is your work over? Hardly. The products must continually be improved and re-released, just to keep up with the competition.

Apps/ebooks/websites come from the software world, not the print world. In the print era, the product tended to be fixed for a long time, and be reprinted, until there was a compelling need for a new edition.

For apps, the consumer expects an update and re-release every three months or so. As I prepared to improve my three apps (on San Francisco, Washington DC, and Berkeley, CA), I asked an extremely knowledgeable observer, Kim Grant, what should be my priorities in advancing my apps.

Kim Grant oversees the hundreds of apps developed by Sutro Media.

“Consumers want quantity as well as quality,” she replied. “More could be done to bulk up your apps. And think of how you can differentiate them from your competitors.”

That was a fair assessment. I have perhaps 125 units in each of my apps, but some apps have 250-300 units. It takes a little more time for me than others to make each unit because I have determined to do all the photography myself rather than cull images from crowd-sourced places, such as Creative Commons.

So I will create more units for each app.

However, another aspect of improving my app/ebook/website products also intrigues me. One factor that truly differentiates apps/ebooks/websites from printed books is that the former can display video. So I am finally launching into the new world of creating video to enhance my electronic products.

To accomplish this, I already have a fairly decent video capture device, a Nikon 300s camera, good for shorter video clips of up to 5 minutes. Since everyone tells me that competitive sound capture must be better than the in-camera microphone, I have invested $369 in a Zoom H4N Handy Recorder and its kit paraphernalia.

Although I am a PC guy, I happen to have an unused MacBook Pro that I bought two years ago. I have dusted it off and purchased the latest version of iMovie as my video-creation software.

Assembling the equipment was the easy part. Learning how to operate it to make videos was more challenging. But I am making progress. My first completed travel video is about the Hokulea Polynesian voyaging canoe and five such canoes that sailed from the Cook Islands to San Francisco recently. You can see the video embedded in my Hokulea article on my website at http://www.fostertravel.com/hawaiis-hokulea-canoe-tells-story-of-polynesian-voyage/ . The video is fed in from my YouTube posting of it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezBiaDbST9w . I will gather my videos on my YouTube “channel” at http://www.youtube.com/leefostertravel .

It is likely that my videos will be narrated slide shows featuring video clips and stills. I anticipate a cluster of them embedded in my three apps, in my forthcoming ebooks on California, and in my website offerings.

Bulking up my products with more units and adding the transformative video genre will be one of my paths forward.

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