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LOMOGRAPHY -- Lee Yen Yi: “Pictures are a form of art, and there is absolutely no wrongs or rights in photography. Lomography is about experimentation and new ideas. A new style of spontaneous and artistic type of photography, which aims
to encourage people to take as many pictures as possible, at any angle at all, whenever they like.

PORNO POLITICS -- Swedish Photography Museum Censors Photos To Avoid Facebook Conflict. Fotografiska, a photography museum based in Sweden, has chosen to voluntarily censor images on its Facebook page to avoid conflict with the social networking site and simultaneously ignite a discussion regarding censorship.

Why Photographers Love Tumblr – Conor Risch: “Tumblr seems as if it was made for photographers: The micro-blogging platform is highly visual, social, and easy to use and customize. It allows photographers to quickly share their work with an audience of followers, which can grow exponentially in a matter of months (or even days). Photographers are using it to post diacritic or one-off images that observe the world around them, outtakes from editorial shoots, behind-the-scenes photographs, archival material, tear sheets and whatever else they believe might be of interest to their friends, followers, and the more than 25.5 million other Tumblr users. http://www.pdnonline.com/pdn/features/Why-Photographers-Lo-3600.shtml
PHOTO: Brantlley Gutierrez GUTIERREZ


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