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Lighting Techniques

A PhotoSource Book Review .....


Billy Pegram provides the knowledge you need to showcase a model’s best attributes, conceal any problem areas, and reveal her personality. Just as importantly, he teaches you how to match the type of lighting to the market the model is trying to reach-including advertising, catalogs, swimwear, fashion, hand modeling, and more.
Following along with ample start-to-finish analysis of real-life sessions-each with a different model and a different objective-you’ll learn the problem –solving, technical, and creative strategies needed to design great lighting setups (or find them in nature).
Packed with eye-catching photos, this book takes you through the process of creating masterfully lit images that will get you model (and you!) noticed.


· Features
o Understanding the challenges of model photography-and why it requires a different approach than other types of photography
o Evaluating models and using light to help accentuate their best and most marketable features
o Designing creative lighting effects in the studio and on location
o Working as part of a creative team and communicating your ideas to ensure a productive shoot
o Practical examples showing the creation of the portfolio images for real models
o Tips for working with models and ensuring that your images help them meet their goals

· About the Author
Billy Pegram is a successful photographer and videographer who has created images for clients like Fila and Lord of the Dance, as well as numerous celebrities and clothing designers.
Book Specs:
$34.95 list, 81/2”x11”, 128p, 180 color photos, ISBN-13: 978-1-58428-259-4, Order no. 1889.

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