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11-11-11 --
It’s coming up… 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 - 1 - 1 … What does it remind you of? Do those numbers apply to you? Numero Uno. Are you Number One in your field of stock photography? What’s the secret of the top pros in their field? Why are they number one in their field?

Here’s a tip. At seminars given by pros, or interviews of them on radio and TV, or in blog posts where they relate their rise to prominence in the field, they all describe a similar path that got them to the top.

It goes like this. At the start,they accepted any job that would provide for the family and pay the rent. With their talent and persistence, they survived at 'nuts&bolts' customary assignments until one of those assignments, a few years later, provided them with work that they thoroughly enjoyed. They began seeking out more work in that specialty area.

They found those assignments and eventually became an authority in that area. Charlie Parker, the great jazz musician, described this phenomenon as, “eventually finding your style”. In the marketing world it’s called ‘branding oneself.’

When people recognize your brand, and if it’s a category of stock photography you love shooting in, you are Numero Uno in your field. You own, in a sense –a monopoly.

How does this apply to you? If you are not already Number One in your field, why not start today? Why not leapfrog over all those 'nuts&bolts' jobs and leap to a specialty in stock photography where you can build a foundation for your soon-to-be monopoly? -RE


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