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Pieter Hugo photographs the lingering legacy of the Rwanda genocide.
SeanO’Hagan:”The still-visible aftermath of the 1994 atrocities forms the focus of one of Hugo's projects, in which he challenges the camera's power to portray things as they really are.” SOURCE: The Guardian; http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2011/nov/16/pieter-hugo-photographs-rwanda-genocide?newsfeed=true

TAKE THIS JOB AND..........! Ansel Adams Didn't Like His Job Either. Erik Hayden: "Life Magazine, the sadly-not-in-print American photo-magazine that still offers amazing online galleries, has published a very clickable 20 Worst Covers slideshow: and we were surprised to see that one those covers was listed as being photographed by a young Ansel Adams.
PHOTO: Ansel Adams
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