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If You Teach A Man To Photograph: Haiti, As Seen By Haitians "Foreign photographers come to Haiti," says renowned photographer Maggie Steber, "but all too often they start and stop with the earthquake." Since 2010, Steber has been an adviser for the nonprofit FotoKonbit, an organization that promotes photography in Haiti.

A DIFFERENT VISION -- Blind photographer shows the world what she sees. Erin Loxham: “It seems counter-intuitive, a photographer with only 10 per cent vision in her right eye. ‘I have very keen colour sense and I'm very observant and it sounds kind of contradictory but I'm very, very visual and I pick up on details extremely well. I don't particularly recognize faces but if I've met you and come to know you, I will probably be able to tell you what you wore the first time I met you.’"
PHOTO: Cathy Browne

MAGICIAN -- Focus on Mattijn Franssen ~ An Introduction to his Fictional Universe – Valerie Jardin: “I recently discovered the work of Dutch artist Mattijn Franssen. Photomontage is the technique of making a
composite of several different pictures with a photo editing software. It is commonly used by Photoshop users but few people can create such stunning imagery as Mattijn does. He creates this amazing fantasy world where he, and his cat, are the protagonists.” http://www.digital-photography-school.com/focus-on-mattijn-franssen-an-introduction-to-his-fictional-universe

NO SNOB -- Lindsey Byrnes “An interview with Chase Jarvis, What struck me most when I caught up with Chase was his explanation that “there are a million paths, let’s judge less the path and judge more the output…” http://blog.chasejarvis.com/blog/2012/01/juxtapoz-art-and-culture-magazine-features-chase-jarvis

FASHION -- Interview With Rossella Vanon: “I have been working in the fashion and beauty industry for a year and a half now, and after a few months of general testing, I now focus my photography on fashion and beauty editorials.” SOURCE: ePHOTOzine; http://www.ephotozine.com/article/interview-with-rossella-vanon-18238? PHOTO: Rosella Vanon.
TAKEAWAY: Fashion photography (for their creators) has to be the most “fun” category of the photography industry. The sampling portfolios often look like a Halloween costume catalog. If you like to “dress up” – this niche is the answer for your photographic desires.


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