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5 Tips On How To Shoot Killer Portrait Photography –- Lauren Margolis: "Jim Jordan is a widely sought-after fashion, celebrity, lifestyle, and kids photographer based out of Los Angeles and New York City. We wanted to learn more about Jim’s creative process from start to finish – so I picked Jim’s brain and walked away with his top 5 tips on how to shoot killer portrait photography." http://blog.photoshelter.com/2012/01/5-tips-on-how-to-shoot-killer-portrait-photography/

LET COMPOSITION SAVE YOU -- Glenn Guy: “How's your photography going? Are you out of sorts, feeling down. There's nothing like a walk to help set the body right. Likewise a stroll with camera in hand can really stimulate the senses. And you know what they say, "healthy mind, healthy body". But what's to be done when our first sojourn in a while leads us out onto a not too interesting street under not particularly interesting light? Remember composition, it can save you. http://www.travelphotographyguru.com/blog/2012/1/17/composition-can-save-the-travel-photographer.html
PHOTO: Glenn Guy

SKETCHING WITH LIGHT -- Sohail Mamdani: “Flow and formatting issues aside, Joe McNally's "Light Sketching" should be required reading for anyone working with strobes, be they small or big. I heartily recommend it for those among you who want to know the “whys” of lighting along with the “hows.” http://www.thisweekinphoto.com/2012/book-review-joe-mcnallys-sketching-light/


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